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Morlock Records

Morlock Records is an independent record label based out of Grand Rapids MI. Specializing in underground wicked hip hop. Morlock features artists like Sapo the slasher, Skuzzy, Lady, B Stout, and more plus groups like Epidemic, POTSTARS, Sick Made Rydaz, and more. Operating since 2005, Morlock Records is quickly becoming known as a multi-talented, energetic, and dedicated record label. Check em out when they're in your town, every concert is a good time.

New to Reverbnation

I won't front, I don't know much about this site. It looks like a great site for musicians. Myspace is dying, Facebook won't let you load up your own music. Now there's Reverbnation and thats whats up! If you got any tips or can help me in any way I'd love your help and/or Guidance. Hit me up if you can help me out.