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Sept 11th: Admit It you Forgot It This Year

I was reawakened to the Sept 11th tragedy recently by Man on Wire. A film about one man’s romantic vision of the twin towers.images. Badgertrap recorded a song called ‘Dry Eye House’ deals with the emotional intensity of that event and people who fell off a wire that simply wasn’t. http://www.badgertrapmusic.com/sept-11th-admit-it-you-forgot-it-this-year/

another brick in the wall

yeh well Pink Floyd's lyrics never seemed so relevant - just you shouldn't forget in uk there are at least a million paedophiles technically out there on fri sat night in nightclub land- stick that in yr daily mail pipe - lock em all up go on

down the Croft...thurs

Catch that BADgertRAP in the Croft zone at Ciderhouse , Arthouse and Cat and Wheel this Thurs...in some sense

Badgertrap strip down at the Lion

toms, snare and yes you dare heckle cos they won't here you- BADgertRAP make a proper man noise , with primal beats and no messing around - catch us at the Golden Lion tonight as we start playing in public view again with tracks from our forthcoming EP Yakface Lobotomy Episode

Badger gig Sat 6th oct Grimsbury farm in Kingswood, 2-4pm

Barry the badger will take to the stage performing some solo heroics after a few months hibernating in the studio. BADgertRAP will be releasing a new EP in December - some singles might be available mp3 before - loooooook out for launch gig.