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2014 brings big changes

The Koozies will be getting a new drummer this winter as well as adding a horn section and keyboard player. We used this line-up for our last album and have decided to take 'em on the road with us. Last year brought us Sean playing his lap-steel,banjo and mandolin. Now with the new players the Koozies will be bringing a much bigger sound to the clubs and festivals around the northwest. We look forward to seeing you on the road! KEEP IT COOL

Summer Lovin'

This summer The Koozies will be keepin' it in the NorthWest. Playin' a bunch of festivals and the county fair. So look for us to take the stage at your favorite 3 day party. We are lookin' forward to packin' up and hittin. the road this fall. We are headin' back to Texas. So we will see you dancin' in the sun and Keepin it cool with The Koozies. Cheers!

Keep your eyes open

Hello again friends. The Koozies have completed the long and difficult process of booking their spring and summer shows. We will be all over the Northwest. A lot of good shows and festivals. We are looking forward to getting back to Seattle,Portland Astoria and Medford as well as getting to make some new fans in Ashland and Solwin. If we are in your area please come out and say Hello. We will see ya on the road. Cheers!

Koozie Videos

As The Koozies kick it here in Euhene for a mellow winter we took a little time to go record a couple videos at roadrunner studios. We will be posting those for all y'all in 6 weeks. In the meantime please check out what Toni at RoadRunner studios does on youtube. the guys a real asset to the Eugene music scene. We will be hitting up the Northwest with a handfull of shows in April and May. Cheers!

Endless Summer Ends

The Koozies have spent the "Summer Of Sweat" meeting all kinds of great people from all corners of this beautiful country. The shows have been a lot of fun. Making connections outside of the northwest has been great, but the best thing by far has been all of the amazing people we have met. We are lucky that our labor of love brings us in constant contact with so many new and interesting faces. Were done touring for now and look forward to spending the winter working on a new set of songs that will eventually become our fourth album. We do still have a few shows booked between now and the New Year so if ya can, come out and shake yer shit with us. Cheers to all of the bad ass folks we met this summer. we cant wait to re-unite. Keep It Cool.

In a nutshell

Ben Wheeler Texas, Lee's Summit Missouri, Indianapolis Ind, Chicago Ill, Des Monies Iowa and DENVER CO . We WILL be back!!!!!!

Broken Windshields and Cabo Wabo

Landed safe in Lees Summit Mo. where we met 5 of the craziest band of fools. They call themselves The Universe contest. Love at first sight. Went through a bunch of tequilla and 21 pitchers of beer. They played amazing. Went with 'em to St Louis on tuesday. More tequilla. Cases of beer bought from a store that sold "skittles" out of the back. Got nuts. Someone jumped through our windshield. No windshield. Hangovers suck!

lovin' the road

the last couple shows have filled our pockets and rejuvinated our spirits. We have made a whole family of new friends. Tonight we have a world class pedal steel sitting in with us. Dobro player last night. playin out under the hot texas moon. The whole damn town came out last night. Thank You Texas!

Austin is ROCK AND Roll

f*#@k Lubbock Texas. What a dump. but Denton Texas was beautiful. Tonight we rock Austin. This place feels like home. We plan to leave our stain in the hot sun of Austin. Road worn and weary.

Hittin the highway

The long hot summer of sweat continues. Hittin' the road. Thanks to the fans at the Wow Hall for the great send off. We will miss you Eugene.