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We're #3 in the Lansing Alternative Charts today!!!

We're still climbing, folks! Keep those likes and plays going on our page! This is awesome!

The Avenue Cafe - Lansing - January 19, 2013

Wow! That's all I can say. What a great crowd and venue. The management and staff of The Avenue were wonderful to deal with. The crowd was great, thanks to all of our friends, family and fans that came out. So much clapping and dancing, it was great to play for you all. We look forward to playing there again soon! Thanks everybody!

Hartford Motor Speedway Gig

The gig at Hartord Motor Speedway was a blast!! Even though the crowd was light, those that were there and came over to hear us all seemed to enjoy the music. Our first gig with our new bass player, Bob Kirkby, and our new drummer, Jasan Boles. Jasan has been filling in drumming for awhile now, starting out with us as our soundman. Bob and Jasan were great to play with last Saturday, and it was a perfect gig to start out with. We're looking forward to more and will keep you all posted!!