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Poppa “D” and The Aggravators’ will host the Wonder Bar’s Halloween Party from 9 to 11pm Fri-D October 26th. For the first time in my 30 year career, I will dress in a full Halloween costume along with EZ, Too Tall and Hawk. This is a full-on concert event with a Beer tasting, costume contest, full dinner menu combined with fun and games. If you have never been to a beer tasting think of an all you can eat buffet that only serves beer. It’s SWEET! Not to mention the secret vendor always has some tricks up his sleeves. I’ll let you know who the vendor is as soon as I know. If you have been waiting for a good time to see us well this would be it. If you have seen us, well you haven’t seen this so, dress up, or not and come get your Halloween on. This will also be our farewell to Hawk. I will ask all of our supporters to gather and give him a nice send off. I am expecting a Standing Room Only crowd so, reserve your seat or come early and PARTY!

MIKE HAWKINS IS RETIRING from the Aggravators'

Mike “The HAWK” Hawkins is retiring from Poppa “D” and the Aggravators”. Mike Hawkins is a founding member, beloved friend, and has been my playing partner for nearly a decade. Even though Mike will be stepping away from the band on a full time basis, due to our friendship, he will be our fill-in bassist and remains a full time family member. When I first arrived in Cleveland I found it a very closed and competitive market place. Cleveland is a tough nut to crack. I have played all over the world and I have not experienced the loyalty this city has for its home grown players. It was in that climate I met Mike Hawkins at an Allen Green Jam session at Cebars in Euclid. We hit it off with immediate respect for one another’s talent. Since that night Mike has played by my side, playing through the good and bad. He has been a solid bassist and friend. Together we have turned heads and changed minds on what Cleveland Blues should sound like. Mike simply feels the need to spend more time with his family and to enjoy a slower pace. Mike’s farewell performance with the band will be on Friday, October 26th at The Wonder Bar in downtown Cleveland. The Wonder Bar will be hosting a Halloween party that night and of course the band, Mike included, will be dressed in full costume. I invite everyone to gather (with or without a costume) and show “The HAWK” some love. I know I will be there and I hope you are too!! Poppa “D”


On April 25th at The Wonder Bar in Cleveland OH. Aggravators' fans were treated to an impromptu CD release party. The disks were just hours out of the pressings and the reception was very warm. This CD sounds fantastic! I must admit the production blows our fist effort away. EZ ED Zalar was our Executive Producer on this one and he did a super job! The ten track CD has four covers from our esteemed list of influences. “Breakdown” is by Tom Petty, “While my guitar Gently Weeps” is by George Harrison, “Good morning Little School girl “is by Hubert Sumlin, “Day of the Eagle” is by Robin Trower. The stand out tracks for me are: While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Buzztronic 2000,and Breakdown! But, all of the tracks rock! I hope you enjoy this effort as much as we enjoyed making it for you, and yes! The rumors are true we are already preparing to knock out another disk for ZMD Records! Stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy your "Whiskey Breath"!