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Aleta Wohl Shared publicly - Dec 15, 2014 #Guitar I, Aleta, sat next to lead guitarist, Poppa D, of “Poppa D & the Aggravators” Saturday night At “House of Swing”(jazz & blues) Poppa, depth of soul meeting Guitar strings: honest, comforting, exciting! My body danced seated, cozy on teeny table/chair Directly under speakers ! Poppa D gifted me his "Long Hard Road Album". Fantastic Experience (Boilmaker is on this album) I am still smiling, rocking & rolling from Poppa D & the Aggravators! Listen, Aleta Excellent harmonica player depths of his feelings, tears, Pleading, love, longing Drums really nice big set I was there right at the start of the set Which was one more God’s Gift If I reached my fingertips In an gentle stretch my hands Would have melted into the lead guitarists Strong powerful fingers A mellow bass guitarist , hat perched Mellowed , was there to keep Us grounded, with our Best feelings…. Incredible, awesome performance

BIG Write up in North Coast Voice Magazine

POPPA “D” AND THE AGGRAVATORS’ After thirty years, thousands of miles, and hundreds of gallons of whiskey, Poppa D has stayed true to his “shot and beer” philosophy of Modern Blues: “Play from the heart and speak the truth.” On any given night you can hear renditions of the classic blues that somehow sound like they were written yesterday. And with the guidance of Poppa D’s guitar, he will show you the Blue in classic rock. Poppa D is a tour de force in the world of blues, not just another “harp band” or another guitar-driven rock/blues band. Poppa”D” melds all his infl uences from Delta Blues, Country, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Rap, and World music into an “original 21st Century Blues Sound.” The band says their interests are “Beer, Broads and Blues!......and some wood turning.” The Aggravators were formed in October of 2010. The band consists of Poppa “D” on guitar and vocals, “Too Tall” Eddy B on harp, guitar, and vocals, Donald “BIP” Williams on bass, and EZ Ed Zalar on drums. They are based out of Euclid, Ohio and their record label is ZMD Records. When it comes to infl uences, they say there are tons, but at the heart and soul of it are: Allman Brothers, B.B. King, Chris Duarte, Joe Bonnamassa, Joe Cocker, Hank Jr., and Etta James. Poppa D is a veteran of the road, as well as the recording studio. He has four albums of original music to add to the well over three hundred covers that range from Muddy Waters to Steve Miller. Their current CD (and third effort) Long Hard Road was released to over 400 people at Wilbert’s in downtown Cleveland. Even though they have three successful independent CD’s in release the true value of this band is their live performance. A mesmerizing blend of high-energy guitar playing mixed with an equal dose of harmonica gives them a unique and modern blues/rock sound. Poppa “D’ is at home on any size stage – big or small; this band can morph and fi t any occasion. No show is the same, and every note is a study in emotion. Poppa D’s guitar playing is stellar whether it be a boogie (“I Can Boogie Too”), a bounce (It Takes Too Long”, or a cover of the hauntingly beautiful Traffi c ballad (“Can’t Find My Way Home”). Eddy B’s harp playing complements the guitar and his solos are steamin’ hot. The musicality of this band is unsurpassed, with all four players giving it their all. They seem to have found the perfect balance for a four-piece, allowing everyone their turn to shine. The Aggravators are an active and popular Cleveland band, appearing regularly around town. Upcoming gigs include Edison’s Pub in Tremont on November 22nd, and the House of Swing in South Euclid on December 13th. Poppa “D” and company deliver a show that will entertain and hold your audience. The only thing “aggravating” about a Poppa D show is that it ends. Says Poppa D: “In the end, this is just a bad ass band trying to do right by the music. We are a quartet of brothers all drawn together by the same need to explore the vast expanses between blues, classic rock, and jazz. Poppa D provides a driving guitar that exudes power and soul, whether it be 30’s swing or B. B. King. “Too Tall” Eddy B folds his harp into the spaces around and in-between. With Bip Williams funkin’ up the bottom and EZ laying down the back beat, this machine just might run you down!” Check out Poppa D and the Aggravators on Facebook and reverbnation. By Cat Lilly, North Coast Voice November 12th-26th 2014 Page 9


You can now download our NEW album right off our Reverb Nation Website. You can do individual songs or grab the whole thing! ENJOY!


I want to thank our Family, Friends, and Fans for making our CD Release Party a Huge Success. Our final attendance was 409 people giving us a near SRO Event. Thanks go out to TrainWreck 283 for starting us off with a great set of alt country. A very special thanks to Scott Taylor who was our guide through a very awesome show!


Greetings Blues Fan! With just ONE WEEK before our CD Release Party I thought I would share another Track with you. Remember July 26th! It doesn’t matter if you live on the moon. Make the trip to Wilbert’s 812 Huron Rd E Cleveland, OH 44115. The Show kicks off at 8PM with Train Wreck283. The Aggravators’ take the stage at 9PM. Around 10PM we will shoot our very first full length DVD! Please be a part of our history and our crowd. It’s a FREE SHOW! I hope to see you there! Scott Taylor of CBS Action 19 News will MC our show and we have many local celebs that RSVP’d so come out and have a night with the stars!


I CAN BOOGIE TOO the first single from LONG HARD ROAD has just been released! Hear the whole album LIVE and secure your first run copy at WILBERT'S July 26th. FREE SHOW! Just come on in and enjoy!


On July 26th 2014 at Wilbert’s Food and Music located at 812 Huron Rd E Cleveland, OH 44115. Poppa “D” And The Aggravators’ will be releasing our third CD entitled “LONG HARD ROAD”. The event will be hosted by famed reporter Scott Taylor of Cleveland’s 19 Action News. Kicking off the Festivities at 8PM will be TRAIN WRECK 283. They will be playing their version of Outlaw Country that will be a nice contrast with The Aggravator’s Raucous Blues. Tickets are available to this FREE SHOW! All will be admitted, Ticket or not. There will be give a ways and Poppa “D” And The Aggravator’s merchandise for sale along with the First Run Copies of ‘LONG HARD ROAD”. Please make plans to attend this grand evernt.


Saturday January 12th found us back at Edison’s Pub. Due to a booking snafu and manager changes we haven’t been here in over a year. I was pleased to see by 11PM we were SRO with lines forming out-side the club. It was a good home coming and it was nice to know Tremont OH had not forgotten the Aggravators’. I played my first gig in OH right here in Edison’s Pub. Most of the band has been broken in right here. To have Edison’s show us that much love after such a long time away was mind blowing. We will return to Edison’s February 16th, March 16th.April 20th, May 18th, June 15th with hopes to continue through the year.


WOW! Thanks to you we had record setting attendance at the November 10th show. The club is only rated for 75 and we stopped counting at 150! I am surprised that the fire marshal didn’t show up. We also went through all of the Crown Royal Whiskey. I will take the blame for that. Gulp Gulp!. Thanks for making my Birthday one for the record books. I want to send a very special thanks out to Kim, Wendy, and Harry for making the event seamless and fun.


November 10th is the day our new bassist will perform his first full show. Bip has been waiting patiently for the past six years to step into the bass slot. Bip has played in every band that EZ ED (our drummer) has been in since they were just mere lads. Bip brings a solid knowledge of the groove to the band. He is heavily influenced by Victor Wooten, Bootsey Collins, and in his words” if you are a modern bass player you know Flea”. Bips free sprit approach fits the Aggravators’ like a glove. His passion for the music and the instrument rings out with every note. He has a solid knowledge of improvisation, and can solo on his bass as well as lay a foundation for the band. Bip joins the band at a good time. We are preparing to enter our basement studio to record our third Aggravator CD entitled “long Hard Road” This album will depart from the heavy guitar driven sound. We will be featuring Too Tall Eddie B on Harmonica on most tunes and I will be playing mostly rhythm guitar. This will give us a lush full sound and, when we threw Bip in the mix it exploded into something special. Bip’s first gig will be at the Legendary House Of Swing. This is a fitting place for him to strut his stuff. I hope we are in for a long and groove filled ride. See you on the 10th