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Upcoming Shows!

Well, we have been quite busy with our calendar and DVD projects, but don't fret! We have brand new shows a-coming your way. Hit us up if you want us to play! thelocalskank@yahoo.com

Tours, Videos, Kickstarter and more!!!!

It has been so busy around here! Mardi Gras and Foborg Fest are behind us now so you would think that we have time to breathe, but everything just keeps developing and moving for us. We are really excited to have everyone’s continued support as we move forward as a band. We are in the process of writing the follow up to “Collect all 5!” and should be going into the studio soon. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we have some other exciting announcements to make!

First, we are compiling and creating videos for our upcoming DVD release. We (assisted by our right hand man, Lewis D’Aubin) have filmed live footage at Tipitina’s, The Blue Nile, and Southport Hall for some segments, and have just completed our first cinematic promotional video for our single “Stalker Ex-Girlfriend.” This video which was filmed partially at Siberia at our Foborg Festival Showcase . This video was shot and directed by Trent Robinson and his amazing team that learned the true meaning of “herding cats.” In a mere 24 hours (it was our time limit for the festival) all live, and directed footage of us and our star, Brad Cashio, was filmed, cut and released! Pretty awesome if you ask us! Well, check it out for yourself!


We are now planning our second east coast tour with our first confirmed date coming in….wait for it…. HEAVY REBEL WEEKENDER! If you haven’t been to this North Carolina Festival, it is certainly one of a kind! Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Bluegrass and more for three days straight. If that doesn’t get your blood rolling then consider the mud-wrestling, street rods, and beer drinking competitions! WHOA! Burlesque Revues all weekend too!

Get your tickets here:


Voodoo Festival (Rocktober Roundup Part 2!)

Our big day at VooDoo Festival was fast approaching, so there wasn’t much time to rest! We got straight back and started practicing again for the big day, doing tons of press and generally having excited jitters! We decided it would be hilarious to dress as Disney Princesses for the show. (An excited audience member shouted during our set “IT’S IRONY!”… and, yes it was!) Everyone loved the costumes and really enjoyed our performance!

Before the big day we totally got treated like rockstars for the entire weekend! Playing the fest was great, but just getting to hang out, rub elbows, and enjoy being a VooDoo performer was really special for us! Of course we handled it in traditional “skank” style by giggling for three days straight! We even got VIP seating for Muse where we stood near the actor who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series!

We certainly can’t thank The Bingo Show enough for hosting us. It was a dream realized, and an amazing experience for us. We talked about how these last two years have been so fortunate for us, and how this band has brought together life-long friends from totally different backgrounds to make something that (we feel) is very special. The Bingo Show allowed us to share our vision with an even wider audience than we dreamed! Up And Up Skanks!

The amount of amazing pics taken at this show certainly cannot be contained within this blog, but if you want to see more pictures from the show, visit our gallery on facebook!


Rocktober Roundup! (Part 1!)

October was quite a crazy month for us.. all good stuff of course! Not only did we get to play at a zombie crawl, but we also threw our own prom, did a mini-tour and rocked VooDoo Festival! Talk about eventful!

Setting the stage for a fabulous Halloween we were invited to play on the route of the Baton Rouge Zombie crawl at a great little venue called The Red Star! You couldn’t ask for a better crowd to play to, even if they were the undead! One of the highlights of the night spotting an Ash from Evil Dead in the crowd complete with shotgun and chainsaw arm! We felt much better with him there, alas, we fell prey to the walking dead by the end of the night… well most of us… Darryl appeared to survive, for the time being… until we feasted on his brains!!!!!

Next up we threw our very own prom at Banks Street Bar! We invited the most romantic bands we knew to join us in the festivities – Prom Date and The Pests! (Well, maybe not The Pests, but every prom needs a crasher to spike the punch and throw up in the corner!) Prom Date is the dreamiest! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out this Baton Rouge based pop-rock band do so! We decorated the club with streamers, served vodka & punch drinks, wore ugly prom dresses and even took prom pictures!

It was then time to take our show on the road again! We took a weekend out and drove to Lake Charles to The Luna Bar! This was certainly a taste of southern hospitality! We had a great sound-man, bartenders, agent and staff that all greeted us with open arms! They even fed us some incredible gourmet food and wined us and dined us! The crowd in Lake Charles was also a blast! They danced, serenaded us with show tunes, bought us continual rounds of drinks (don’t worry… we had designated drivers) and generally partied with us until the bar shut down! We met rockabilly sweethearts, raucous locals and waiters with the best mutton chops in town! If you ever are in Lake Charles and want to get a bite to eat or a cold drink GO TO THE LUNA!!!!! TRUST US!

The night was awesome! We first hit up Dunn Brothers Coffee for an all-ages show! We pretty much blew the roof off as they are used to acoustic acts, but everyone seemed to love the show… even Ashley’s little sis helped us sell merchandise and we had a pack of knee-high skankers dancing like madmen! YAY! It was so cute we could hardly play for the adorableness in the crowd that night!

We hurried up and packed up, making it to the 19th Hole for something completely different! A fabulous rock club with a great metal atmosphere awaited us. We didn’t know how we would go over with the crowd, but they loved us! It is always great to feel like you can play with confidence in front of really diverse crowds and get a positive reaction. We can’t wait to return to Houston. Man we love you guys!!!

Never a band to give up early, we headed to the late night arcade and bar filled up on Lone Star beer (hey, this is Texas! And again, we had a designated driver) to play Dance Dance Revolution and Air Hockey until the place shut down! Ahhhh! What a night! Luckily we had a great place to crash with Ashley’s folks and everyone slept soundly!

We headed out to the Renaissance Faire the next day all dressed in The Local Skank shirts! It was really funny! Out of all of the outrageous costumes (and racy ones) we got the most stares, catcalls, and questions! Talk about free publicity! We feasted again on turkey legs, shot arrows, listened to Irish Folk tunes, boffered each other (look it up, creep) threw axes and Dani even won a pet dragon! We passed out a ton of CDs to the Ren Folk (too bad they will have to wait hundreds of years before CD technology is invented!) After a fun time, we bid Houston adieu and wearily headed home.