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Hello 2017!!

Hello 2017 how r u? Its so nice to finally meet the year I will reach my full potential! This year I plan to be greater than I was last year! This year I plan to be more focused! This year I plan to let my light shine brighter than it ever has! This year I will succeed! No more excuses no more giving up because things may get to hard no more letting others dictate how I live my life and now more quitting! I cannot allow my son to see me fail and I will not allow my son to see me fail! This year I will be at the top of my game I will no longer sit at home and watch the life I want unfold on television this year I will be that person on the television! This year my life will cange! This year all my hard work and determination wil pay off! This year I will concur my fear of failure and my fear of success! This year oh this year I cant wait to see what we all acoomplish! Next Year this time I will reflect on how amazing my year was and how every aspiration every goal and every vision I see or saw for my life has come to past! This Year I am going for it all! Hello 2017 nice to meet u I am TeeKah Monique and I am focused!

New Single Released

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004HU5IZQ/r... please go and check out my new single called Make Love it is on Amazon and Itunes search TeeKah Monique on Itunes k thanks for the support smooches and love TeeKah Monique