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Essence Rider is back in Louisville

Starting this weekend, on Saturday at 11:30 we're hitting our roots at Cafe de Paris in Louisville, for our weekly show! Every other week, I'll play solo piano (or invite guests to join me), and alternate weeks with the whole band. For now, since Matt Fuller took off to the big city and is living and working in Brooklyn, we are playing without a 4th band member until we find someone to step in and fill Matt's big shoes. I'm so happy to be back in action at the Cafe, writing new music, and playing consistently again. We are introducing new originals, and bringing new life to the older tunes. Come hang out and make your Saturday afternoon memorable!


Welcome to the new EssenceRider.com! Spring brings much needed renewal. Ideas have been brewing, and Essence Rider is working diligently to expand our audience and share new music. Check back frequently for new shows and updates!