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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8NV27gPI3g NOVEMBER 1ST IS MY FIRST SHOW IN OVER A YEAR!!!! it will be at the CLEVELAND AGORA this is 90% right now i dont have the 100% go but im taken the show pritty much no matter what. i love shwayzes music so this is who im going to open for... i know my sound dont really go with his... but so what hes dope im dope this will be a dope show. so if i gotta sell tickets iĺl let you know hopefully i dont. i hate selling tickets... lol... but it is what it is... so for all you guys that have asked me over and over and over when and where my next show is... well here you go.. you have a lot of time to get ready to go.. so do me a favor and share the crap out of this. tell your friends... street team homies please spread the word!!!


It's been over a year since I put any new music up. Over a year! And I'm number 12 for Cleveland! !! I love my fans friends and family! !! Thank all of you you give me hope and more reasons to live and try hard at what ever I'm doing rather it's rap or flip eggs for a living. Y'all mean more to me then you'll ever understand peace and God speed

show offer

aug 17th i have a bin a fit show that i'm puttn on for my ant that died of cancer... i am booking rock/ country and old people music lol it will be in port clinton ohio... that's free to get on..let me know... and also have a show july 19th in sandusky ohio that is a all rap/hip hop show... that is 100$ to get on.. but i will give you tickets to sell so you can make your money back x2. let me know if you want on it.. it's going fast!!! reverbnation.com/lbsickning youtube.com/lbsickning soundcloud.com/lbsickning twitter.com/lbsickning reply to this on facebook.... facebook.com/lbsickning thanks!!!

new video

got a new music video up... check it out



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