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If you're tired of wasting your time or money at wack studios with wack engineers quit spending. KG Mobile Studios will be recording in a city near you !!!

I've been to alot of studios with people who really don't understand their software/hardware, leveling of effects, bitrates/sampelrates, or frequency responses. These are necessary skills to produce clean,clear,loud, leveled music that the customer expects to buy. But we all know that most local studios don't undestand these things and this is why we have terrible distorted music coming out of the Central Valley.

I advise that before you start yellin your music is clean . Do some reasearch in the the areas I indecated above. Apply these skills to your software/hardware & practice a while until you understand whats going on with your equipment. This process can take from 2-10 years depending on your IQ.

If you feel you don't have time for this shit and want to get out there now. Then team up with KG Mobile Studios. KG Mobile Studios is a place to find the cleaniest, newiest, underestimated artist in the Central Valley. KG Mobile will take tracks your recorded and bring the quality up to today's standards. Another option is to record your tracks directly with KG Mobile, KG Mobile will be recording in different cities through out the United States. So to all Indie Artist be on the look out !!!

For the people who support KG Mobile Studios for the music and all the artist; we represent you, you can purchase Ringtones,Tracks & Cd's on my myspace @ myspace.com/kgmobilestudios or at kgmobilestudios.com website. Register and get exclusive previews and updates to new artist and music.