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Late Night working sh*t for the band

You know sometimes we wonder why we do this, but then we look at the likes and song plays and realize that it is you, that keeps us going through the hard times... that keeps us pushing forward to a meaner and heavier tomorrow. Stay real and thank you.


After 14 months 3 singers and 2 drummers we are finished the album... as we prep the Cover, we will keep you more informed about the final release date..until then enjoy the 2 songs... Mike D.

BornBrokenl with a little update about us

so we are taking the month of July off to prep for some shows, then hoping right back into studio to finish this album. for those who'd like to know, we have gone through more downs then ups with bornbroken, and sometime felt will this album ever come out.

This is actually the second time we are recording it, the first time was too quick and not enough time was given to explore the necessary possibilities, for those who heard the old songs on myspace would agree.

Sure we could have put the songs last year, with saying well just listen and think how they could sound., but there was no need, no record company down are throat with deadlines, if we are able to take the time required...why not... I do have to say that Matt from Augury (engineer) and Brian Craig (drum sessions) from Buffalo Theory MTL were welcomed mix into this project and we are happy this is the direction the band took.

It seems people sometimes feel just getting the music out is the point, but a painter does not just throw paint at a canvas and go VOILA!!! how many rewrites are there to books before they are published...1,2,20? Our songs have evolved from what they started out as to what we feel they needed to be, to make music in a rushed fashion would seem like we don't care about ourselves and our listeners.

I would like to say thank you to all who have been waiting patiently and early for this release as we have been also. life works in ways we yet to understand and have to roll with what is given to us. take what we have and make it the best we can offer.

I will keep you informed more often as the date come closer, until then keep your wings held high and proud to be one of the broken.