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2nd album is coming!... a new direction

I very happy to say ive been writing new song like crazy & each new one inspires me to write another! we have been tightening up these songs with the band and... wow i cant wait! we will start tracking in march so you can feel a new energy for this summer :)... i love this band... and i love music... this will be a great year ~Alex c RNR


dream fest is going to be a blast this year! every band you know, may know and dont know will be there so should you! tickets are 20 but its good for two days of bands! food! @ FUN! contact "Riot in rhythm" on facebook or give us a call for tickets! much love RnR


So it looks like this year everyone enjoying the food, sun, ect.. at hempfest will be able to come by the Riot in Rhythm booth also known as the "SMOKEY SQUID" :) we will be playing acoustically at the booth all weekend for you guys! and.... the Saturday (17th) of the hempfest weekend we will be on the Rock Stage at 5 O'clock!!! Loud and Proud!!! please come show us your party face! much love ~RnR


we finally finished building our Rehearsal Room/Studio we are so happy, we have also been writing non-stop...all great songs with different feelings and groves far from our first album Vicious circle!! join us this summer as we incite the Riot! stay updated shows are Always being added In and out of state, also keep an eye on our facebook for more info


please stay updated on up coming shows! we will continue booking in and out of state! it will be updated weekly! RnR

RinR writing..

stoked to tell you guys we have been in our 10x10 practice space, everyday.. writing writing writing! in our sanctuary writing. a lot of new material, a lot of new potential material. stoked to bring them to you guys! come see us December 4th at Hells Kitchen in Tacoma. 21+ tickets on sale now. $10 hit us up. keep it real