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Great News!

I have some great news: the song “He Gave Me This Day” has been downloaded over 3,600 times in 90 days! Not bad, I think. Also, a new commercial video for United Missions in Fresno California used the song. You can see it on youtube.com when you search Naked Like Adam. It warmed my heart when they asked to use it. On Christmas week I got to see the final work - it fit the Mission commercial like it was written for it. I encourage you to see it for yourself and let others know about it. What’s next? Someone asked me if I would allow them to sing the song at their church. I said I would love to have it sung. I have set up the song in a track so anyone can sing it for their church. If you are interested in singing the song “He Gave Me This Day” for your church, e-mail me at nlaproject@live.com and I will send you the mp3 and written lyrics. I am currently working on a new song titled “A Little More Time” and hope to have it done soon. We are also on twitter.com now and welcome you to follow our progress on the album. We also have a facebook page and a myspace page but the best web page to follow us on is www.reverbnation.com/#!/nakedlikeadam. If you would like to buy the song “He Gave Me This Day”, the best price is on amazon.com. Every dollar goes back into the album. Thank you so much for your love and support. God bless you, Eric Drane

How the song became a song.

How the song became a song “A Little More Time” It was a Friday afternoon early in April 2010. I was in my company truck working and listening to K-Love, when something caught my attention. A young lady called in to the radio station asking for prayer for her husband and herself. I don’t know that she was young, but by her voice she sounded early 30s to me. She told the DJ a sentence that floored me - “My son died Wednesday and we bury him today”. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and started writing. There were two DJs on that day - one male and one female. I do not remember their names right off hand. I could hear in the background the weeping of the female DJ. Emotions of compassion, pain and love all at the same time came over me. I had written all over the paper and I mean in every direction and angle. My hand kept moving as I listened to every word and sound coming through the radio wave. I’m thinking, “Most radio stations would never let something like this through to be heard but would pass it off to a screener or on-hand pastor”, but they took the call. The male DJ said, “Let us pray”. I was sitting there with my mouth open, proud of what was taking place. I got to pray with them and who knows how many others were with us. It was a gift to share this experience with them. I folded the paper up and finished my day. I got home and looked it over a time or two but did nothing with it until about two days later. I had a little time to finally take a crack at pulling something out of this amazing story. I could not see a full picture of what was coming out of all my notes. The verses came first. I had about 9 different verses but no chorus yet. I thought “What do we want most when someone passes away?” I think mainly it would be to see them in heaven. I wrote about 5 or 6 re-writes and realized people on earth want more time with their loved ones. The song really took a turn for the better when I got to the “time” conclusion. Instead of writing it for the family, now I was writing it for every person worldwide. We have all lost someone and will lose many in our life - this is how it is. I started to re-write once again and found it to be a dark song. I sat down at the piano and came up with a happy sound to go with this dark sad song to try and even it up. I hope people will enjoy this song and reflect on those they have lost. They might even find comfort and peace. Sincerely Eric Drane Lyrics Written by: AEric Hundley Drane (ASCAP) April 26, 2010 9:25pm A little more time v1. No more bruises no more tears No more sickness no more fears No more kisses only memories left here v2.A time to heal a time to cry A time to listen and survive A time to pray to Jesus and ask him why Chorus 1. I need a little more time, with you Just a little more time, with you I need a little more time, with you My love. v3. One more day or one more night Just one more minute of your life Could I have one more hug just to say good-bye? Chorus 2. I need a little more time, with you Just a little more time, with you I need a little more time, with you My love. v4, I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss your touch when we last danced I miss all those moments we got to spent together Chorus 3. I need a little more time, with you Just a little more time, with you I need a little more time, with you My love. I need a little more time, with you Just a little more time, with you I need a little more time, with you My love.

Howdy and hello :o)

It’s been a while since I posted a blog so I thought I would do a little update, starting with the release of “He Gave Me This Day”. Within four days of posting the song on www.christianrocker.com, “He Gave Me This Day” went from #148 in the contemporary Christian genre to #2. On day 5, it went to #1. On day 7, it went to #1 across all genres, like pop, gospel, rock, acoustic, etc. Apparently, we had some radio people watching it at the time it hit #1. Within three weeks, “He Gave Me This Day” was put into regular rotation on WLRY in Ohio. Later that week, I was eating lunch with my family and ran into an old friend who produced the best music video for Eyesuponus, the Christian rock band I am a part of. I asked him if he would do another one for me, and he agreed. We have been working on the video, and it should be out, best guess, mid-October. Yesterday, going on 4 1/2 weeks, I found out that we are now on a second radio station much closer to home – WPBK 105.9 and 102.9 out of Stanton, KY. The great thing is I get to hear it and so does Matt. It’s strange to tell someone you have a song on the radio and not be able to hear it locally. So what’s next, you ask? Well, we are recording a new song right now called “A Little More Time” and finishing the music video to “He Gave Me This Day”. One more ditty, You can download (He Gave Me This Day) on Itunes.com, amazon.com, iLike.com, Christionrocker.com or amiestreet.com and become a friend on facebook. Take care, Eric