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14 Sep 2010 Sly'jack up & playing again !! Current mood:cheerful G'day , it's Awesome to be out & about again . Now i'm based in Brizvegas & looking forward to broadening my horizons musically within the Folk , Roots genre . I've been out of action for over a year now due to loosing the feeling in my hands ; one of the reasons was thought to have been Carpel Tunnel syndrome . But after many tests there was no diagnosis ? Anyhow , after building up the strength in my hands the pain & numbness is disappearing ! So i'm going for it again , & am starting to record an E.P. & line up gigs . This time i'll be playing fingerpicking slide guitar / singing / harmonica / kick drums & hi-hats . It's a totally awesome feeling to be able to lock into a groove on my own & be able to concentrate separatley on a particular instrument whilst playing others at the same time . I can't wait to share this . I played at the Muddy Farmer the other night & the locals dug it , so i'm STOKED !!! So peace & good vibes to all & catch ya's out there soon .