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Social Media-rite (by Mycon)

There is a phenomenon happening here people. We don't even realize it either which is the scary part.

As an artist, it has never been more clear than now, just how flooded the market is. Anyone with a laptop and vocal chords is now releasing music, and curiously its not all terrible. This is not the phenomenon of which I speak though. What this over-saturated market has created, is the demand for artists to be top notch marketing specialists. Which brings me to my point. Artists these days literally have to be BETTER at social media than they do their art.

Think about that for a second. Artists, business, brands, musicians, etc are all affected by this travesty. The quality of the product is no longer the dictator of its own success. Its how well it was marketed... And we have all seen this. How often have you thought "how are they so popular, our music is way better than theirs"? Admit it, you have thought that or something similar to that many times. The answer is they have more free time than you, and they spend it online tweeting, face-spacing, etc, while you are at home or in the studio harnessing your craft. Who would have thought?

I have fought this hand over fist, but I now know that I need to balance my time more, which is why you will see an influx in our determination to promote ourselves, because if we win there, we win more time in the end to focus on what we actually love - making quality music for quality ears.

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-Mycon of Broken Silence

Reverb Nation

Mycon here - Just trying to finally finish up this Reverb Nation page. I recently realized I spend far too much time on Twitter trying to promote. I didnt really understand the full potential of ReverbNation until recently. With some concentrated effort, I think my time will go a lot further here.

Please let me know if you have any advice, as I am new to this platform! I will help you back however possible. Peace!!

In the meantime, here is a link to our EP! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-see-everything-ep/id419964770