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Pressing Forth

With the summer gigging season nearly upon us, we figured it was time to start keeping everyone abreast on what's going on with Eminent Remains.

First off, we're ready to start setting up a load of gigs for the warmer months. So, if you're a venue looking for a band that will put on a good show, don't hesitate to contact us. Our desire is to get in as much stage time as humanly possible.

Our self-titled debut CD will be released by the end of April, barring any unforeseen tragedies such as nuclear warfare, an other-dimensional monstrosity attacking our world, the mass murder of all four of us or any other crazy thing that could happen. Hey, these things aren't likely, but it's always a good idea to have a disclaimer nonetheless.

The CD will be comprised of the following tracks:

The Dark Lord Backstabber Slug to the Head Wicked Jimmy The Slave Master/This Is Not Your Grave (a two-parter) Your Obituary Orwell 1984 Werewolf Fluffy Punk Bunnies Mindworm

When it's ready for release, we might try to book a release party.