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Banner Year for The Bar Chords

As I look back on 2014, I think to myself...pretty stellar year for us as band. Songs, babies, and albums were born.(no, not at the same time) New recordings were created, birthdays were celebrated on stage, new studio space (I think this happened in 2014, but we have changed 4 times now so I may have lost track) and 6 shows some at old venues a few new ones too. Met many new bands some with old names others with new ones, HA! Optimistic like Radiohead for all that there is to come...


I just wanted to take a few minutes to highlight all of the new opportunities that we have embraced in the year 2014 thus far. (and to think that the year has just begun...) We have officially connected with 3 new bands who we will share the stage with in the months to come. It is always exciting to meet new people that are a part of the same scene and share in the experience of live music together. We also have the opportunity at the end of this month, which is just around the corner,to record a new song that will include the newest member of our band, Dom, as an official part of all of the steps in the creative process of bringing a song to life. Finally, in March we look forward to playing at a new venue called The Connecticut Yankee.


While sound feedback is piercing to the ears, positive feedback from fans is music to our ears. Actually, even if it is constructive feedback we will take that too because we are always striving to get better each and every time we perform. One of the best parts of being a performer is when you look out into the audience and see people dancing or bouncing to the music. Then, you know that other people are actively receiving the frequencies being transmitted from our hearts to theirs. It is a connection an undeniable feeling of moving in rhythm to the same tempo. While we always love to hear words of praise from our friends and family members that come out to support us, it is especially rewarding when a random person compliments or acknowledges an outstanding show!

10/03/13 Update

Hey fans. We're playing the Milk Bar on Haight Street tonight so come on out! Be sure to tell the door man that you're there for The Bar Chords because they're keeping tally.

In other exciting news, we're almost done with the overdubs for our second album. The folks at Light Rail Studios are doing an amazing job capturing our sound. Stay tuned for more info!

More details on our upcoming show

Come on out for our next show at the Hotel Utah on Friday, March 29, 2013. It's gonna be a great show: * SF's own Fog City Banjo will be kicking off the show with their eclectic take on bluegrass. * This is our going away party for founding member Terry "The Colonel" Klink, who will play a set on drums. * We'll follow up playing a set with our new drummer Dom Rivelli. * Last but not least, this is a CD release party for our first album "Bridges." Free CD if you pay the cover to get in.

December 11th, 2012 Update

Hey folks. We got some big updates for The Bar Chords. First off, it is with great sadness that we announce the departure of our drummer, lyricist, and founding member Terry "The Colonel" Klink. Terry and his family will be moving back home to Pittsburgh, PA...the inspiration for so many of our songs. We wish them the best!

And what a fitting segue way into news on our first CD, "Bridges." It features Bree, Jared, Terry, Mike, and our newest member Kara on harmony vocals. We recorded and mixed it ourselves, and turned it over to the legendary George Horn at Fantasy Studios (Mars Hotel, anyone?) for mastering. Once we complete artwork and replication, look for a CD release party in early 2013 featuring all the original members including Terry.

We've also begun work on our second CD at Light Rail Studios. Our good friend Tom Maddalena (The Dopes) flew in from New York to play drums for the session. House engineer and mix master Eric Haas recorded us with some serious vintage microphones, amplifiers, and a legendary reel-to-reel tape machine. 2013 will see more overdubs, and we're really excited for this one.