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A word from the new bass player

Hello. My name is Jerrud Glaze, and I am the new bass player of Sealth! I'm really excited to be a part of such a fun, exciting band, and I'd like to take some time to introduce my self, and maybe help you get to know me a little bit. I've been playing bass for six years now, and music has been my passion ever since I started. My first band was called Garage 83. I grew up with them as a person, and as musician. I, as well as most of Garage 83, have been taking lessons from Dace for sometime. Now I'm all grown up, and I get to be in a band with someone who has been a musical mentor to me. I suppose I should back up and explain how that transition happened. Very recently I made the decision to pursue music rather than go to college. This is my dream, and I have an obligation to myself to pursue it. Having made that decision, I needed a band. Sealth was a natural choice. I've known them for some time, and I've always liked their music. On top of that they were looking for a new bass player. The pieces all fit together, and I am thrilled to have been accepted into such a wonderful band. So here I come world. Get ready. We are Sealth. - Your friendly neighborhood bass player Jerrud D. Glaze

Hot Topic Tour update!!!!!!!!

As some of you may know Sealth has been very busy this summer. Starting June 2009 Sealth kicked off our very own western Washington Hot Topic tour. In fact, we are on our way to the Everett Mall Hot Topic as we speak to play from 7-8pm. At some of the Hot Topics we have played to lots of people, others we have played to the store employees. It has been quite an adventure and as a result we have met a ton of new people and have learned to do a really bad ass acoustic version of Ace of Spades by Motorhead. This Hot Topic tour has probably been one of the best things to happen to us this summer. Hopefully you can make it out to some of our Hot Topic shows this summer. Our tour continues through August and who knows maybe Hot Topic will let us go on a Fall tour. Hope to see you all soon :) -Arielle SEALTH Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

New name and new songs!

We have changed our name to Sealth. Don't worry! You will still have the same great music, with the same great people, and the same great taste! we said hey, lets change our name and then... buh bam! shhhhhhhzzzzam! We are Sealth, Grunge with a heavy dose of hairspray. We have posted some new songs as well. I am even rocking the lead vocals on one of them. You'll have to listen to em to figure out which one! Let us know what you think :) Love, Arielle -Sealth

It is a lifestyle...

Zeek and the Lightning Bolts (ZNTLB) commenced at Rock School in Maple Valley on a Tuesday. ZNTLB consists of one (1) teacher and three (3) teenaged phenoms all learning from each other. ZNTLB has the same chemistry as a World Series winning baseball team; a perfect mix of experience and wisdom and wide eyes and fire. Original songs by ZNTLB are largely inspired by youth and honed to finely crafted perfection by experienced artisans. ZNTLB is not a rock band. It is a lifestyle and an empire. Song Suggestions, comments on: Note: ZNTLB currently uses no profanity. 1. The Light... ...is a straight ahead, fairly modern sounding rocker. Short and to the point. A jumble of nostalgia and cynicism. Perfect. 2. Waiting For You Here we give tribute to our bass player’s CD collection. On it we pay homage to the 80’s with a startling barrage of clichés and Aqua Net induced riffery. 3. Vaguely Familiar Arielle says this song is “early 90’s awesome.” Dace says it’s hard to sing when he feels he’s moved on. The guitar solo at the beginning is one of the best of recent times and the guitar solo at the end might be the best guitar solo of all times. 4. For You... ...is a ukulele-driven tour de force about the more pure and innocent aspects of love.

Read up!

I think I'll start blogging about my musical present with Zeek and the Lightning Bolts here on this reverbnation page next week. I've been writing about my musical past on my myspace page. If you'd like to get up to date you can go to http://www.myspace.com/daceanderson love, Dace