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Blogosity, Chapter 2

It occurs to me that I may be able to hedge my bets on this money-for-music thing without selling my soul. I think I'll keep releasing .mp3's for free download in their various states of completion. I'll produce a high-quality album for paid download which will consist of the edited internet releases, some unreleased material, and transitions to tie it all together. People with money can then give me their money and receive said album. Everyone else can still listen to the non-album works for free. And if you pirate my full album, thus denying me the money I so rightly deserve, I would ask you to do so with abandon, so that my beats make it to the corners of the earth. This makes said pirate an integral part of my marketing plan, thus legitimizing his or her actions. Honor among thieves. Namaste.

Blogosity, Chapter 1

Good day, Gentle Listener.

I write to you from a precipice overlooking two worlds: the eternally rolling meadows of the Ideal and the mundane desert of the Real. My conundrum is that of a man who, as an artist, wishes nothing more than the freedom to practice his art unencumbered by the constraints of Civilization. Still, I wish a survivable level of success to satisfy my humble but very serious needs as a human: a house, land upon which to grow food and fuel, a workably stable environment for my children, sustainability.

I currently release my music under a Collective Commons license; I accept no money at this time for my works, as they are my gift to the world. Still, I endeavor to make my living solely as a musician. Perhaps one day there will be a compromise. My hope is that on that day I will find people who love what I do enough that I can fill venues at which I will perform, and collect my due then. If I see my dreams come to fruition, will you please buy a ticket so that I can play for you? Or maybe instead of selling the music itself as is the Way Things Are Done, I might find a way that you could put electronic nickels in my virtual hat, so that I can build my castle in the meadow? Until then, spread my song so that it can be heard, traded, copied, dissected, and reborn. My music should be played, shared, loved. That which is always given can never be stolen. You have my blessing. Love always.