Jeremy Logan / Blog

A rainy morning

Let the children sleep in and hope that when they wake they'll steal our hearts and hide them long enough to play the rain away.

You'll be gone

It wont be long

and you'll be gone.

Just like the sun

that set a second ago.

Just like the bird

who has lost her home

will forever fly

until she finds a new one.

My time here is almost over

The sky doesnt seem as blue or the moon as big

as it once did.

What i wouldnt give for a laugh of love and a "its going to be alright kid"

or to hear the waves crash against the shore

once more.

Or to catch a firefly

or to see a smile in a friends eyes

or for this rock to spin a little slower

my time here is almost over.

One final look

Take one final look,

hold in the air.

Remember us always,

just like this.