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"Elvis has left the building"

The good news:

I want to personally thank everyone who has participated in this project (you all made a difference). Austie, Porkchop, Shades, Mark, Jimmy, Peter, Zach, Aaron, Darren, Jerry, Fred, Mark, Derrick, Adam, Jay (and more). This project would not have been the same without your input.

Also want to thank all of the great venues that have supported our mayhem here in Worcester and throughout New England. It was truly a privilege to play for you all.

Now for the other shoe:

As of today (Thursday, July 18, 2013) theRoadKill Orchestra will no longer be booking gigs as RKO.

I will continue to write music/record and will keep the Reverbnation site up for now for you all to share/post/download.

This project was never about quick money, fame or playing stadium arenas. I hope that you all can enjoy the music for what it is.

As always, all I wish is all the best for you all. Be well. Hug those around you and keep spreading the love.

-J. Stuart Esty aka GT Nightcrawler Worcester, MA

-final transmission from RKO Central Command

RKO's 2013 Plans (coming to a venue near YOU)

New faces. New tunes and sonic possibilities. We're starting to plan a series of "mini Tours" so PLEASE let us know where YOU are and where you think we should be playing and we'll work hard to make it a reality. All the best and hope to see you out there soon on theRoadKill Highway!!

fall 2012

back in the studio working on a four song (radio friendly) EP which could eventually morph into something larger. want to bring you the new material in a polished form but not outside of what you'll hear at one of our live shows. speaking of which, we want to say a sincere "Thank You" to all of you coming out and supporting independent, original, live music. new merch is on the horizon along with new venues to catch the mayhem. stay tuned and feel free to get excited. keep spreading the love with those around you and we'll see you soon.

Winter 2012

2012 greetings to all of you on theRoadKill Highway. Couple of new faces in the mix and we're looking forward to introducing "Long Tall" Jerry and the Right Reverend Pinto to you all soon.

We in the midst of our mini-diner mid winter tour and am looking forward to some summer gigs. Anyone with contact information for Block/Vineyard/Nantucket venues, please forward ASAP so that we can become a part of your summer.

All the best and thanks in advance for supporting Independent, original, live music.

PS: forward this page to as many folks as you might think would enjoy this musical mayhem! Spread the Love!

August Greetings from the RoadKill Highway

Wow. What a year so far. The band is hard at work with Roger Lavallee in West Boylston's Tremolo Lounge on our "B" Set From High Atop the "Secret" Underground Laboratory. Backing vocals by the "Desperation Gospel Choir" were laid down for five of the twelve tracks (you can listen to a rough mix of Church Of Greed anytime here at the Emporium). We all are excited about what we're laying down and can't wait to share it with you all. You can have a sneak peek at one of our upcoming gigs. Let us (and any venue) know where you think we should ba playing and we'll try to make it happen for the Fall/Winter months. See YOU out there soon and as always, all the best from all of us. -end transmission from RKO Central Command

Spring 2011 RKO Update (round II)

Again, "WOW". News: three dates in May set for theRoadKill Orchestra to invade Tremolo Lounge in West Boylston in May to lay down the next 12 tracks in this project.

New blood in the line up: Tuna: Steady Rhythm & b/up vocals Wet Willy Pete: Smokin' Guitar Jim "The Hat": Tenor Sax (and chick magnet) Brash Taxless: Youthful Lead Bass (non fish variety) GT Nightcrawler: mucking about on this and that

Very excited about this line up. One word: FOCUSED (and fun). OK, two words: Focused, fun (and professional). OK, three words: Focused, fun, professional (and gosh darn good looking...). Well you can see where this is going but don't stop that from coming out to see for yourself.

Boston Metronome Magazine is picking our Live At The Emporium "Greatest Hits Vol. 3" as one of their 5 "Picks" for the month of May and they're planning on having us be the cover story for the month of July (yep, we better have that second CD out by then...). Must be a slow music news cycle...

Well thanks for reading. Keep spreading the love and we'll see you out there soon. As always, be good to those around you and we'll be busy getting ready to(repeat the following mantra):

Rocking yer socks off. Where ever. When ever. No drama. No theatrics. Just real freaking music for real freaking people.

Be well: GT Nightcrawler -end transmission from RKO Central Command

Spring 2011 RKO Update

All that is running through my head is "AMAZING". The support of you, our fans, has been terrific.

Our Kickstarter fundraiser was 125% successful and these funds will allow the band to make it back to the studio in time to get a second CD out before the summer with cameo appearances by local musical luminaries!

We have been in a writing frenzy (coming out of a forced hibernation of a blizzard strewn February) and will have to juggle the set list to accommodate some of the new tunes that have been shaking up the Emporium and North Main Street.

We are also in the process of opening up the roster. Stay tuned for some exciting news about the return of guitars and the introduction new voices to the line up.

Thank you all for supporting live, original, independent music. YOU make a difference every time you make it to a gig or help spread the love.

As always, all the best from all of us here. -Stu Esty AKA GT Nightcrawler -end transmission from RKO Central Command

RKO February 2011 Update

We've been busy working on our sound in preparation to heading back to the studio. The next 12 tunes (over 70 minutes of music) are almost there and more are in the works as well. Stop by one of our gigs to check out the new product (we'd love your input).

We have started our second attempt at fund raising (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/therkoproject/theroadkill-orchestras-2nd-album-round-two).

Take a moment to click on the link and toss some loose change at the project (nothing like a bit of ownership!).

Thanks for supporting independent, original music and we'll see you out there soon! As always, all the best. GT Nightcrawler -end transmission from RKO Central Command

New Page Activity Apology

I want to apologize for the frantic activity on our Reverbnation fan page. We promise that once this week is past that the posts will slow down!

You folks are doing something right though. In just a couple of days Aesop's Shuffle has become #4 on the Local (Worcester) music chart. Thanks for your support and don't forget to check out any one of the other 11 tracks as well!

As always, all the best. GT Nightcrawler (mucking 'bout on this and that)

-end transmission from RKO Central Command

Street Teams Revisited

RKO needs you. I don't envision you folks out plastering flyers on cars and street lamps at one in the morning but we need your help in getting the word out to like minded friends via blog posts and social networking reposts.

Take a minute to become a fan and if you choose to become a part of the RKO 'Street Team' we will be handing out assignments with real deadlines and real prizes that will make it worth your while.

Thanks again for your support and all the best. Stu Esty aka GT Nightcrawler (mucking about on this and that).

-end transmission from RKO Central Command