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Another Rainy Day

Call it bad luck, call it poor judgement. As I was sitting at Krystal's watching the rain fall on my motorcycle, I'm thinking to myself, "I wish it was summer, I'd get a milkquake!" About then it dawns on me, it is June 22, otherwise known as the 2nd day of Summer, I'm only cold because I'm wet and the air conditioner is working. These little storms have been off and on for the past week or so, but I thought I could make it to the store and back, when I left the motel it was 81 degrees and while not completely dry, at least it wasn't raining. I wanted to get something for my sinuses and figured the grocery store would have something. While I was there I decided to grab a few necessities, you know, chili, crackers, chips, salsa, and beer. I left the store as the rain began, and the wind picked up, so I darted into Krystal's and went ahead and bought a combo to eat as I waited for the rain to stop. As i was choking down the last of my fries I remembered I forgot to get anything for sinuses. Oh well. When I finished my food the rain and wind had subsided, although it only quit long enough for me to get on my bike and get on to Kingston Pike. I made it home, a little wet, but no worse for wear.


I admit it, I have MIAS (Musical instrument acquisition syndrome)It isn't bad enough that I have more guitars than I need or can play but there is always one or more lurking on the horizon that I just have to have, the same is true for banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, etc... As you can imagine, someplace like The Guitar Center is a very dangerous place for me to wander in to. Most recently, they have an all Koa wood Ukulele that was priced at $169, great price for a $300 ukulele, but I held my resolve. I would pick it up and play it for a few minutes until I was on the brink of buying, then I would set it down and talk myself into getting something less expensive as a consolation prize. Harmonicas are cheap... right? Well relatively speaking. At last count I have racked up about $200 in harmonicas and accessories, meanwhile, The uke has gone up in price to $199. on the outset, it may seem that my backup plan is a failure, but when you consider the Blueburst Epiphone Les Paul Standard on the opposite corner of the room that calls out to me whenever I'm in the building, I'm actually doing quite well.

Success is relative

I guess ultimate success in the music business, as viewed by an outsider, is the rock, pop, or country stars. To an insider, or someone on the fringe like myself, success can be something quite different, I'm a writer first and a singer second, and I suppose my ultimate success would be to write a song, and have one of those famous people I mentioned earlier take it on tour with them so I can sit at home in my boxers and flip flops and write another. Don't get me wrong, I like to perform, occasionally, and I might even like to go on tour, once to see what it was like, but in the end I love to write, and maybe, if I work hard enough and get a break or two, I will have some royalty income to make my retirement years easier. But success doesn't always have to be about fame and fortune. Last weekend, I took a break from moving, to sit down and play my guitar a bit. Ethan, my grandson, was sitting next to me and I played my Dumb Luck song, I was gauging my performance by the look on his face, and he was smiling in the right spots and laughing when he was supposed to. Pretty cool! Right? Then when it all was over he said "Grandpa, I hope when I grow up I can be a good singer like you." If I never make a dime from music, or never write another lyric, I became a success that day, and I'll always have that moment.

Clawhammer Wedding March

I had the honor and privilege to play the wedding march for my friend Clarence, aka Pops, on the banjo. A lot of thought went into this. the lovely bride wanted a bluegrass wedding march, unfortunately I don't play bluegrass, I'm a frailer, but as it turns out, I'm the only banjo picker they know, so I got the gig. I hope she liked it. I certainly enjoyed being there and playing it for them. ...and as any banjo picker knows, any day you don't have to stop to catch tomatoes, is a good day

Back online and the Barrel

I got back on line yesterday after two weeks with limited access, don't know what to do first, lol. This morning I get up and after a while I decided I wanted to go out for breakfast.It was about ten so I figured Cracker Barrel would be the place to go. I like to patronize Cracker Barrel since my employer makes a lot of money servicing their equipment, as for doing the actual work they give me a small portion of it. The before church crowd would be gone, the after church crowd would not be there yet, and there should be a lull between the breakfast and lunch crowds. The closest barrel to me is on Music Valley Drive so I drive over there and there was not a single parking space available, so i went the other direction to Sidco Drive, they had two open spaces and a line halfway down the porch, by then it was lunch time and so I went to Subway and got a sandwich to take home. Just another Sunday.

Living space

I got my apartment today and moved some of my stuff in. Still looking for furniture. I'll be living very close to downtown Nashville, and the Grand Ole Opry, not to mention the Airport. Tomorrow I'll be on a mission get my guitar, banjo, and bouzouki and get them relocated to Nashville.

No new used guitar

I had thought to buy a cheap used guitar to hold me over until I could get my Martin, but I cheaped out at the last moment. I still have a deposit for the electric company to pay, and the bills won't stop coming... they never do. i will be moving in to my new digs on Friday, and I am looking forward to the privacy. I hope to get some new videos up and maybe get some more writing done. Of course there is also the matter of finding furniture to fill up three rooms.

Yesterday was a wash, just another Saturday night with nobody to share it with, I went to bed at 9:45 pm. Maybe this morning I'll pull my act together enough to go downtown and check it out.

Saturday morning in Nashville

Saturday morning. What to do? I'm thinking breakfast first. I was thinking about going to the pawn shop and getting a cheap guitar, either that of driving to London, KY and bringing back my Martin, and maybe a banjo on the side. The gas would be about as much as a cheap pawnshop guitar, but then I would have to find someplace to keep all my junk from the car until I get back. I guess I'll just save my money for things like rent and electric deposits and such. I will be moving into my apartment next Friday and I'm sure any extra pennies and dimes I have laying around will be absorbed in the process. So for now I'll be looking for something cheap to do and playing my ukulele.

Where it begins!

I've finally made it to Nashville. Of course I'm here for a day job, but now maybe I'll have a chance to promote my songs. While it seems that the competition here is fierce, the opportunities are even greater,