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DI to GO!

Did you know that you can take DI with you everywhere you go? Really! Just download the FREE app for your android phone! You can look at pictures, listen to our songs, and read about the band. Go to "social" and you can share content directly to Facebook or Twitter from your phone. Go to "news" and you can read THIS BLOG--anywhere you (and your phone) are!

Want to go to a gig? Just tap on "shows", choose from the list of shows to see the details like date, time, address, price, etc. Then you can share it all by email or on Facebook or Twitter. On your way to the gig? Just tap on "Directions" and use your phone's maps or turn by turn gps directions to take you there! In some cases, you can even buy tickets too! You'll be all set by the time you get there!

ALL of this for FREE? Seriously? Yep! So, if you don't have the app yet, well....what ARE you waiting for? You can download it right here from Reverbnation.com/deceptivelyinnocent, or search the Android Marketplace for "Deceptively Innocent". That's all there is to it. So, get DI to go and take us with you! DI

3,2,1, GO!

Up until now, we haven't really used our blog....but we're going to give it a try. We think it will be a cool way to communicate more with you, our fans, and tell you more about what we're doing. How much can you really say in a Facebook post? Um, yeaaah. So we hope you'll check out our blog here on Reverbnation. You can even read it on your Android phone if you have our FREE App. And if you don't have the app yet--check it out-- you get songs, videos, pictures (and by the way, we just uploaded some brand new pictures), our show schedule, and now--this BLOG! You can get the app right here on the Reverbnation page, or in the Android Marketplace.

Ok, gonna call this good for our first post, but we'll be back soon with more about some of our past and upcoming gigs! Thanks for reading!


Thanks to all our ReverbNation fans, we are new to this site so bear with us while we get things figured out. Be sure to catch us on our facebook pages in the meantime as well.