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España! Gracias y Buenas Noches!

The Goat Leaf boys are back in the UK ! Our tour of Spain was our best run of dates yet. Great crowds every night , great weather & some of the best beers & wine we've had ever on tour.

Check out the first review for our new album :

It’s second album time for the eight legged rock ‘n’ roll groove machine, that is South Yorkshire’s Goat Leaf, and immediately I’m wondering just how exactly do they follow a debut as outstanding as ‘Colourscene’? Do the guys simply do more of the same and see if the rolling stoner ball of fury they unleash gathers more moss in the process or do they go out on a limb and go do a Diamond Head on us all? Well as the album’s lead cut ‘A Lack Of Oxygen’ blasts out from my speakers I’m pleased to say that initially it looks like Jonny Maycock (vocals), Mat Washington (percussion), David A Main (bass) and John Hodgson (guitar) collectively have enough sense to stay in the former camp. Having finally witnessed the band live back in the summer of 2012 (something that really does have to be experienced by everyone in the Überverse before they shuffle off this mortal coil) this track is the perfect introduction to a band who not so much embrace the stoner genre as reshape the whole bloody thing into something very much their own. It’s loose heavy and groovy as fuck, but most importantly it more than simply a reinterpretation of what Sabbath or Zeppelin did so well many decades before. Nah, this is more than just reinterpretation it’s musical reinvention on a grand scale. Okay granted there may be josh stick scented wafts of bands such as Graveyard and Priestess swirling around within the fabric of tracks such as ‘Moot Point’ and ‘Wolfbag’ but when you’ve got Steve Ellis once again back behind the desk in charge of sonic manipulation and Jaime Gomez Arellano (renowned for Ghost’s ‘Opus Eponymous’) doing the mix you know this album is never in a million years going to be record full of auto tuned techno metal. In fact on first listen the organic nature of the curiously monikered ‘A Lack of Oxygen - Tales of Crashing Satellites’ is so natural and earthy that you do have to wonder if the lads like to experiment a little bit with certain substances in the pursuit of songwriting perfection, and that more than chemical enhanced Madchester vibe I had picked up on when I caught them live is never more so prevalent than during ‘The Truth Be Told’, a track that sounds like it had just been wrote for luck. So with all these extra influences seeping into Goat Leaf’s (not so) difficult second album it is on the echo drenched blues rock work out ‘One Last Line’ where the guys do finally edge towards “doing a Diamond Head”, as the quartet gently ease themselves into previously uncharted musical territories with the minimum amount of fuss. But for those of you thinking Goat Leaf might have suddenly got aspirations for being something they most certainly are not then check out the frenzied almost punk rock intensity of the album’s anthemic midway point ‘Ain’t Got Time To Bleed’, which with it’s infectious “I Dream Of You In Black And White” refrain enters your head in a way that only an early Abel Ferrara movie would ever have previously dared to. Likewise ‘Herr H Atom’ and ‘Bar Witness’ are tracks so expansive and colossal that they have to be captured in audio widescreen, the band sounding capacious, corpulent and never more compelling in equal measures. Seriously folks if Goat Leaf have achieved anything with ‘A Lack of Oxygen - Tales of Crashing Satellites’ then it is that they have produced ten tracks of aesthetically significant rock music in an age of ever growing musical mediocrity – and as you know that’s what Uber Rock is here to fight. So you know what to do next right? Get out there and buy yourself a copy of ‘A Lack of Oxygen - Tales of Crashing Satellites’ when it is released on January 28th 2013, it’s going to bring lightning to our nations, just when we need it most.

Tales Of Crashing Satellites .....

Okay, so, here's the plan, take II. The creative juices flowed, the dice have been cast and our auditory manifestation is now realized. Due to the nature & ways of record reproduction and an alternate step taken in final sonic mastery our release date has now been reset at 28/01/2013. Should we all survive the occurrence and forces of Time Wave Zero later this year you'll be able to celebrate your newly raised consciousness and third eye visions at the dawning of 2013 to the soundtrack of the unholiest of Goats.

The raw amplified sound waves, skin beating and vocal exorcism were all captured and edited by Steven Ellis at Orion Studios. Final mix down and mastery were conducted by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios. Goat Leaf part II is very different beast in its sonic form, delivery and general attitude. A bite sized nugget is offered for your listening pleasure. Ain't Got Time To Bleed. Have you? We certainly fucking ain't!

Be seated, squeeze tight, the crash landing is eminent.

Official Release Date!

The new Goat Leaf album " Tales of Crashing Satellites " coming out on 28th January 2013 through Sea of Green Music / Cargo Records. Recorded at Orion Studio and mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano ( Ghost , Cathedral ) at Orgone Studios London.

Worldwide release through Cargo Records for our next album !

Ok, here's the plan...On Friday 13th April 2012 we once again enter the sonic church that is Orion Studios to begin the pleasurable toil of constructing our 2nd recording. This album will be set-forth unto the world on September 3rd 2012 through our own record label, Sea Of Green Music, and will be distributed worldwide by Cargo Records, London.

We would like to extend much love and gratitude to all the freaks who have supported the Goat in her journey thus far. As Satan spreads his wings we are carried along in the under tow, our live shows are thrown that little further a field with each flap and the experience of meeting fresh faced no class Rockers is sure to be a time of joyful might.

Buy the ticket, sell your soul. No class Rock'n'Roll, mother fuckers!

The Heavy Groove Vehicle thunders on!

We've been really busy so far this year, played some great venues and met some great people and looking forward to hitting the studio in April to record our 2nd Album!!

Thank You !

As the 1st year passes since our return to this reality, we would like to thank all you who have been to gigs, bought the album and supported us any way you can... Keep on keepin' on you beautiful freaks x

Exciting Times

We have had an excellent few months, played some great shows and met some great people. One of the highest point so far is probably playing with the fantastic Corrosion of Conformity, a great bunch of guys and a really special night for the Goat Boys!

I Spy With My Third Eye...

Songs tweaked to provide optimum groove capabilities. At practice, the air was charged and sparked with aggression, escalating into blind rage at times... Album recording starts 26/9/2010. Nine songs. Four minds. One Goat Leaf. No compromise.

A Week In Orion...

Well. As i write this, the band have done their bit and are awaiting the initial mix of the album. This is proving to be a period of time filled with anticipation, nerves and excitement. Drums and bass were laid down with minimal fuss, Mat's precision beats brought alive by the deep roar of the Orange stack and Dave's signature style filling the void with rolling, rumbling grooves. The main objective included keeping the vibe as organic as possible... "Does it FEEL right?" Became the most important question through the process, one guitar solo replaced by what can only be described as sonic interruption and vocals layered on a track in such a manner which had undertones of Lanegan or Nick Cave - It is moments like these which validated the decision to go with Orion. Steve the engineer, Dave and John would shoot the breeze about pedals, equipment and amplification - giving the atmosphere a relaxed and home from home feel - The tone of John's guitar parts have gained a warm fuzz without losing their weight, in fact it is unsurprising to tell you that the whole Goat Leaf sound has developed into something which bears no relation to the demos posted on our page at this moment. So, the next time I can be arsed to write some more, we will be well on the way to our debut album release... Thanks for reading this and Keep On Keepin' On Sisters and Brothers!