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Fitzies Fri. March11 10pm

Everyone come see Pierce Creek Rebels Dina Conigliaro and Like A Cat Fight. Sure to be a good time!!

tons and tons of shows

Hey everybody to see you all at one of our 4 shows in March!!!

what a weekend

well we played Eleanor Rigby's on Friday & whoever put on that show is an asshole. They made us get there extremely early but then didn't have us play until AFTER the headlining band. This meant that everyone lef once they played and hardly anyone was there for us. The venue also demanded that we sell tickets for the show but did not pay us anything or discount us in any way. That venue has no rock & roll ethics! completely disrespectful. atleast we told them off over the mic. if you have the chance to do anything that may cause this venue to lose out on profit please do so! But later today(sunday) we will be doing a television show called "spontaneous ruckus" that will air in February. This will involve a short interview and some live performance but that's about as much as I know so far. Can't wait for the Dec.10th show in BLOOMSBURG, PA!

studio, stickers and shows

the time in the studio this weekend was great! so much fun and it's already sounding good. we now have vinyl stickers! also lots of merch available on reverbnation. we're playing a fw shows so make sure you stay in touch!


Hey everyone we will be in the studio this weekend!!! Playing Eleanor Rigbys next weekend

Practice Saturday

1st practice since last week, the Jarvis st. show. We have a few new songs to work on & will probably be recording some new demos & re-recording some old ones. It would be nice to have a few new songs for the 2 upcoming PA shows. Like A Cat Fight loves rock & roll. Meow