Terry(TJ) Roberson / Blog

Country Gospel singer/song writer

My name is TJ Roberson. I am a singer/song writer, currently unsigned. I am a native of Charlotte NC. In 1984 I won a talent contest that was held locally and was offered a professional recording contract in Nashville Tn. with Pasty Christy Productions. I forfieted that contract. I wanted to sing gospel. That is where my heart is. Soon after I went to Nashville to pursue a contract in gospel music. I was approached by a talent scout with Nova Network Productions and offered another contract singing country music. I was scheduled to sing live on stage at the grand ole opry, where I was gaining notarity as TJ Houston. Once again I forfieted the contract. You have to undersatnd the call of God on a persons life to understand why I declined 2 recording contracts to record Country music. My heart is in Country Gospel. I have a few songs that I do that are bluesy and some contemporary, but my heart is in Country Gospel. I have a singing ministry, but I am also a Evangelist. God called me to preach in 1981. I have been doing street ministry mostly. I believel that is where God wants me to be. I have sold thousands of cd’s and cassettes over the years to those whom I have ministered to. I have made the front page news in Charlotte NC as well as Nationwide once with the story of my street ministry when I became noted as Charlotte’s Apostle. I am also a song writer. I have several that I have written, but only have one of them recorded. It is listed on this site. Called “In The Garden Of Gethsamane” I am on a album called Trinity One Artist performing that song. The album featured artist such as James Payne, Mike Purkey, Laverne Tripp, Betty Jean Robinson, and The New Hinsons.