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I'm currently working on a new website totally different from any previous incarnations of mine to date. Check out my new Twitter page and Google+.♡♡

2 Years In The Making

Exactly 2 years ago I met with the company that would become the producers of what is now known as Wild Horse Ranch. After recording the basic tracks live in the studio (just me, Adam Helmer and Steve Wennerberg), we added Lamont Arthur on keys and various sound effects that he uses and we added electric guitar. Sounds simple right? So why so long? Ask anyone who has put out a full length original cd and they will tell you, time takes time. I was still mystified and frustrated about it, until now that I am seeing the finished product evolve and manifest...it is so beautiful in my eyes and is a work of art in every way it could be.

The music lives on...

I am new to reverb nation but I am looking forward to the potential here. I am currently writing some new material for another cd project that will come out next year. Locally we are getting shows and will be posting those up soon.