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Elizabeth is based on a true story

..its a song that’s been around with me and former band mates for a long fuckin time now had many different versions ..started as an acoustic fuck around track from Ben , way back in the day .but I always wanted to turn it into a full on metal song ..I think I achieved that finally ..on the surface its just a bad ass song but it has some serious history to it as well ..based on true events ..once upon a time some friends of mine (heavy metal archaeologists) found the remains of a human skull and to make a long story short this skull was on a coffee table at one point that I was rolling a joint on and as I am breaking apart weed I noticed all this dried up brain matter that was falling out of the skull on to the table so being crazy as I was I just kind of smiled n scooped that shit in with the weed n rolled it up ..n we all smoked it.... (I told everybody half way through) lol...some weeks later everyone said they had nightmares n shit about this skull trying to take there souls n shit , so we gave it a name "Elizabeth" and she gave us this song.. Now rerecorded here at the BDF cave this new version of the song features a good freind of mine Richard playing an extra rythom guitar track with me on the song !! soo crank it the fuck up and enjoy fuckers !