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Hey everybody it's this is Sean Scales. I would like to just encourage all those who are waiting on there breakthrough in their lives. I speak from experience when I say Hebrews 11:1 must be apart of your daily confession " Now faith is the substance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen (New King James Version)". If you haven't made this apart of your confession please start NOW! Why? I'm glad you ask. It's so funny how when we loose hope or we become weary we look for inspiration? Well this simple scripture will do two things...

1. Stabilize your thoughts 2. Stabilize your words

As gifted and talented as I can be I've found that the security that is needed is found in "the gift giver" not "the gift". Look at James 1:17- "Every good and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning (New King James Version)" Alright Lets put these two Scriptures together (Hebrews 11:1 and James 1:17) The faith that you should have is in the Lord that gave you the good and perfect gift. Whoa! Wait, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be good and perfect (I know I do) when James 1:17 stated that it's the good and perfect "Gift" that comes from the Father (A good and perfect God). Do me a favor and BREATHE!!! We got to work smarter and not harder. The faith we should have shouldn't be in ourselves but in the Lord, which then will activate the good and perfect gift, propelling you into the substance (result) of what you hope for and before anyone knows who you are or what you can do, you will already have the evidence of what they will see before they see it. When you mix these two scriptures together then your thoughts will be 1. Stable thoughts and 2. The words that come out of your mouth will reflect your stable thoughts. When you get stable thoughts and words this will produce the purpose and destiny of God in your life, without a shadow or doubt. Hey listen, this was a right now word and I'm receiving it for myself right now. I hope and pray that it has blessed someone else. Be bless and be encouraged!

-Sean Scales

"The GODCHILD" Min. Sean D Scales