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Things I Hate...

1. Soggy cereal. yup 2. Indecisive picky women when its time to choose where to eat. Dont make me place an order with Jeremy Biggers! :inside: 3. When the last person who recorded before me spit on the mic. LITERALLY! There is nothing worse than a spit stopper that smells like two day old kush burgers and beer. Excuse me Mr. I Only Brush My Teeth On Days That I Have Court Appearances but PLAQUE IS WACK! 4. When women leave there period panties in the sink to soak. Word to D.L. Hughely I hate that! Mama did it all that time...smh 5. Arguing with a woman. I hate it! Yall have brains like steel traps and remember every little minute detail but only in the context of how it affected you. We men are not equipped for such attention to detail so we autimatically lose. In fact, my Poppa said "Aint no sense in arguing with a woman. Even if you win you still lose" 6. People who complain about getting up out bed to pee. That is the sorriest, laziest, most worthless thing I have ever heard pass a person's raggedy lips! Urinating is a bodily function. Ever been too tired to burp, fart or sneeze? NO! If you are too lazy to make a #1 then just wear a damn diaper and STFU! 7. CANNED PEAS...YUCK! 8. Pushy religious people that contradict the very doctrine that they subscribe to. 9. Sex. It feels great but it complicates things. While I now understand how powerful soul ties can be, its tough once you've tasted the forbidden fruit because now you know how good it is. Tuck femptation! 10. Political racists/bigots that hide behind"conservatism", By no means am I saying that all conservatives are racist but you show me a racist liberal and I'll show you some "ocean front property in Arizona". Word to George Strait son!