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118,002 MAXX12 Fan's have spoken!

A whopping one hundred and eighteen thousand combined MAXX12 fan's are starting to demand that the band come to their city, and they want their MAXX12 fix right now! With summer quickly coming to an end MAXX12 will try it's very best to play LIVE in a city near you! Just visit any one of the band's site's @ REVERBNATION FACEBOOK or TWITTER Leave your comment and make your voice be heard! \m/\m/

MAXX12 signs exclusive contract with The GruB Files Studios

MAXX12 just inked a deal with The Grub File Studios/Agent/Record Company! Earlier this month our agent's sent us to Seattle Washington to play the venues: The Funhouse & Louis G's Pizza! MAXX12 also played The QuarterNote in San Jose, CA last night, and all three venues were absolutely the best! What a wonderful set of crowd's at all three places, and we are looking forward to what the future hold's for us, along with our partnership with The Grub Files Studios!

Brand New MAXX12 Songs for 2017

We have had a great year in 2016! Met many new friends/fans during our successful tour from the California coast to Reno Nevada and stop over in Austin Texas. 2017 finds MAXX12 with a set of brand new songs which are guaranteed to RAWK'! Taking a new direction in songwriting we have incorporated the wonderfully talented Howlin' Howard Ferguson from the bay area band Black Mast to sing some scorchin' vocals on one of our song's named: "ODYSSEY" stay tuned to check em' out as they are once again produced by the famed Aaron Leigh (bassist for the legendary Dave Menneketti founded group Y&T) Keep On A RAWKIN'!

The Rock Triple Crown Tour

"Rock Triple Crown" The brainchild of Alan Kuczer guitar slinger for the band "MOBLAND" had it's first show at The District Theater in Gilroy, California. The line up was Bradford then Mobland, and closing the show was bay area vet's MAXX12. The premise of the Rock Triple Crown tour is to have a line up of 3 hard rock bands that play all original music (no copy bands allowed), and are releasing brand new c.d's along with the prerequisite mp3 via their ReverbNation music site's. All I can say is WOW! Saturday June 11th 2016 at The District Theater is going to go down as an historical event in local music! Playing to a larger than normal "about 150 head" crowd these bands tore the stage up with radio hit style hard rock original song's. (up till Sat. night we have all been witness to the copy / tribute band phenomena that has been the death knell to many bay area night clubs) and all three bands were accepted with open arms, and the exuberant friendly rowdy crowd all shouted out for more encore's than I have seen in many years around the bay area night club scene. I have been to many rock shows over the years, and the Rock Triple Crown tour is a definite, don't miss must see performance for true rock music aficionados! Check out the front page article in The Gilroy Dispatch Friday, June 10th edition for more details about this one of a kind show! In closing I must admit that the last time I was this entertained at a rock and roll event was Day On The Green at the Shoreline Amphitheater a few years back. Coming to a town near you soon go see these wonderfully gifted (all original) acts that make up the Rock Triple Crown tour. You will not be disappointed! The go to site url: https://www.facebook.com/rocktriplecrown/?fref=ts

By: Steven J. Tyler

MAXX12 by: "MAXX12"

The brand new song by MAXX12 named "MAXX12" has shot this project into the stratosphere with, scorching vocals Albert Mendez, and blistering guitar work from T. Michael Riddle that would rival any of the world player's currently dominating the biz. of Rock N' Roll. Coupled with the steamroller effect of Bassist Jon Hampton and drummer Chris Sepulveda this song is destined to become a fan classic! A recent survey of 300 people concluded that MAXX12 sounds like a cross between Queen and Cheap Trick with a dash of Guns and Roses along with sprinklings of Iron Maiden/Bon Jovi and The Kooks. Give them a listen and hear for yourself why radio stations Nationally and Internationally have placed MAXX12 music into their rotation charts!


Headed For The Sun is the latest MAXX12 song to be offered to our fan's. This song was the first in a set of now 13 "Brand New" song's which have been written in collaboration with our new band member's. The new material and member's Albert Mendez (Lead Vocals) & Chris Sepulveda (Drum's/Vocals) are sure to capture New as well as old MAXX12 fan's in a fresh, new fashion! The MAXX12 Nation say's: Damn The Torpedoes! Full Steam Straight Ahead! ;-) \m/\m/


MAXX12 has done it again with their newest release: LORD OF THE FLIES Big Corporate Oil stinks and has attracted the attention of: LORD OF THE FLIES!

2013 is the year of: The Black Water Snake

This year will be a mixed bag of Good and Evil! The MAXX12 song "Cottonmouth Moon" describes what lays in store for all of us!

2012 was the Year Of The Dragon

Mystic, Noble and Untouchable describes the MAXX12 philosophy for the year of 2012! We have entered into the age of cosmic shift, and as this new dawn is upon us we will lead the "MAXX12 Nation" into an enlightened era of battle against the true and exposed forces of evil!

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