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If anyone would like to collab wit us donate beats or just got some knowledge, make sure to hit us up, we look forward to working with other artists around the world

RapMagic  (about 1 year ago)


Fans & Plays

YO we are looking for more fans, peep the music and drop us a line with some input, the next 50 messages will receive a free mixtape from 509 Records

New Fans!!!

Yo We have reached our limit to request fans, if you become our fan, we will make sure to like your page, and our record label will become your fan as well as the other artist in our roster, thaks yall keep making great musicc!


yo we need some more music plays, fans and shows, if anyone wants to colaborate let us know


so we trying to shoot sum videos and record our next album and if yall got any donations wether it be help, donate equipment, props for the videos, or just good'ol verbal support, hit us up!!!