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Embody love and you will call it to you.

Opening the Heart

Opening the Heart means shifting from seeing our suffering as a punishment, to turning toward our pain with Love. Eventually we see that NO ONE escapes suffering in this world, and that all beings desire that same Love. We may then choose to transform ourselves into a vehicle for Love's Unfolding, completing the circle, and providing to others the Love that we so longed for. Our suffering is then no longer seen as a mistake but that which initiated Love's journey. ♥♥♥

Creative Manifestation

If there is something wholesome that is wanted but hasn't come, hold the intention for its creation in your heart. Then watch for any thoughts, emotions,and beliefs about yourself and others that negate this desire. Clear these obstructions through meditation, psychotherapy or other healing work, all the while holding your pure intention at the heart. This will assist in having your loving desire made manifest. ♥

Your Life As Your Teacher

When confused by experience, it is helpful to ask, what might be the spiritual lesson? How am I being asked to grow in my capacity for Love and Wisdom? This helps us to open to all of life as our spiritual teacher. ♥

Meditation on Manifestation

A rose doesn't blame itself for not blooming in winter. When your heart's desire hasn't yet manifested, plant the seeds, tend to the soil, keep it well watered. Root out the weeds. When the time is right, your Love will bloom. ♥


If you look deeply, beyond surface appearances, you can see the miracle unfolding all around you. Begin by looking at the sheer miracle that IS YOU. NOW, seeing your miraculous nature, how can you not treat yourself with Love. ♥♥♥