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Its been a while.

Hello friends, lovers, haters and champions of the cause. After a long cold winter of deep consideration, I have decided to return to my original genre of Hip Hop. I liked the singer songwriter thing, but after a while I got bored. There are subjects that I need to touch on that having a guitar in and hand singing in a pretty mood just cannot convey. For a long time I went back and forth with this choice, see my identity was what I was concerned about. Could I still be a musician and an MC at the same time. The answer was yes, one cold gnarly December night in Harlem at some place that hates me called The Shrine, I decided to try a hybrid set, half emceeing and the other half singer songwriter mellow. It worked. With the right mindset, and after seeing a few different crowd reactions I am positive that I will be going this direction for a very long while. Thank you to everyone through the years, and I mean even back to Myspace days, that have stayed true and heard me out thru all my evolutions. I think the same soul, spirit and fresh approach will come to this as it did to that. Peace love and no hairgrease M

New tunage dude.

Hey yall. How is it going?. The new year is treating me well. I hope that it is doing the same for your. I am currently working on a bunch of stuff. First off I am finally releasing the "Bright Lights" Ep. I will have more ideas as to what the date is going to look like later on in the month. As you know I have been working on this thing on and off for the better part of 2 years. My friends think its never gonna happen. I think its all my fault of course, I refuse to stop playing out. So Im always getting ready for a show. Or recovering from three in a row. No excuse. Anyway have a little more patience with me and it will be worth it I promise.

While you are waiting , Im sure everyone has heard these tracks forever. So as a special treat I am going to upload a bunch of tracks from the "Skippy's Madness" Sessions . These sessions were more of a theraputical nature, as Skippy is a fucking maniac that calls himself Eloh and Jonny Roastbeef.

Sometimes when I dont pay attention he creeps out of me and these songs get made. Its an enigma. So anyways enjoy and by the time Skippy has had his say, There will be a Bright Lights Ep and new everything up for you.

Thanks so much to everyone that hit the shows this month. Also the great Musicians that have helped me round the sound out for the past year. You fuckers Rock. I am looking forward to the next meeting of the musical minds.


The walk

We woke up in roses all the pretty thorns helped me bleed out the secrets they only hurt if you let them they way they hook under the skin sweet and close like kisses when its cold white ones pink ones and red ones each smelling like the other the sky was dead for 3 seconds and came back with darkness on its shoulder .

Jan 2012

Hey yall. Thnks for sticking with me. It seems like the fans keep coming and I love that. I appreciate all the spins and reposts and the love Im getting from your ears and eyes. This month I have 3 shows coming up, in thre different and interesting formats. That means by this time next month I will have a ton of new vids and pics to update this page with. I am also starting to work on my next Documentary and the video for "Its Just a Habit" . Look for those to be together and in your face by mid year. Lets grab this time we have now by the short hairs and make what we want to come true come true.

Peace for now.


This Week.

Yessir!!!!. Im getting pretty excited for these shows . I hav been rehearsing with Danny and Johnny . Its sounding good man. We are vibing well so saturdays show at shrine is gonna be awesome.

Hope to see you out there fam.



Hey , Howdy, Hello, Whats up and all that good stuff. In a couple days I am going to put up a bunch of old songs from my 6 previous albums. Just for some of the fans that are new to get more of a perspective on what realms I have dabbled in. They will be up for free download. So have a blast repost em , let your friends listen or whatever you wanna do.

Talk to ya soon.


On something

I could not sleep tonight. The pain is really intense. There is no comfortable way to just sit ,stand,lay or recline.

I tried writing some music earlier, but nothing would stay in my head, even though it all sounded real cool . I dont know if anyone even reads these. I am just complaining. I need bed rest but I cant fuckin sleep .

I smoked all of my weed. I wanna go outside but its mad rainy . I think there is a clip left somewhere from some blunt this morning.

I have been wanting to go down to Occupy Wall Street, I wanna get some real good footage for a project that I am working on. Seems like I have to wait on that too.

What I need is a hot nurse and a sponge bath. And more weed and a VH1 behind the music marathon. Oh and dont forget the pain killers. This sucks I hate being laid up. Oh well I guess I can just post songs all over the place.

That hot nurse sounds good right now. You know any, that would help out a starving artist in pain?. Tell her she wont have to sponge bathe me. That was not a fuckin typo .

I dont even know dude.



Hola cuzzin. I hope you are up on the page playing songs . Stay tuned for a brand new one in about three days. Make sure to check the nes vids also . There is some good live stuff in there.

Ya boy has been in the studio putting the finishing touches on the new CD. Stay Tuned!!!!!!.

New shows will be posted soon also. Im aiming towrads the end of the year.

You fuckers behave and thanx for checking my music. Sto by often!!!!!

New Year

Ok Ok ... Its 2011. I spent most of last year sharpening this point . Especially towards the end of it . I linked with two really great musicians Criso Kardia and Sylvana-Joyce Opris, collaborating on some stuff that I think is going to be great once it matures from this seed. Also my mind melding insane lunatic fringe madness sessions with Jared Hassan Foles. The SFIB is in full swing , about to explode like a dropped octopus on the world of day. In your present now time . Umm.. Anyway I get carried away . I am working now this year toward all of these projects as well as my own music, get wrapped ,packaged and forced down your throat . Like a hot lead pole . With a sharp point. I will as usual be posting mad video, mad audio, mad text and everything else in Marcworld . Anyway . I am not gonna lay out a whole fricken plan here month by month . so relax unclench and stop digging in your nose. Its gross plus u are gonna type after , and spread booger smear all over the keys. What I am gonna do is hit you with some new sounds. If the world is over after this year , then fucker you better live this one like you wont see another. Thats what I plan to do .Even if it aint the end. Peace for the moment. Marc aka Dorian Gray


Yeah. I am half sick of music , and half hoping some one will put something out that will floor me. I mean everything is so plastic. This in no way means that I think mine is any more real than the drivel I hear on the radio. I am a fan as well as a maker of this devine yet commonplace artform known as music. Of the muse. Its almost like a nationality. I am music . Any fucking way someone needs to come along and put me on the radio. Cuz I know in my gut that you need to hear this. Im rambling.