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ALMA SIBLEY and DOC HOLIDAY SING TRADITIONAL COUNTRY … I’m finally getting my album work done on my single record to be released soon. This album consists of two songs I wrote, “I Will Love You Forever” and “It’s Hard But It’s Over”. I had the privilege of featuring Legendary Producer, Doc Holiday on both songs. Doc produced this single and made it what true traditional county music should be. I doesn’t get any better. I will release, ‘It’s Hard But It’s Over’, for the first time, on October 9th, 2015, at 91.3 FM CJTR Regina, SK., Reg Wilke. Here’s the link if you would like to tune in: http://cjtr.ca/listen-live


I will be traveling throughout Saskatchewan promoting my music in the next 2 months. I hope to meet people from rural communities and other venues. SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD.


UPDATES ON MY NEW ALBUM: Here's what Dick Groot, DJ of Country/Bluegrass, Netherlands said about me...... "To hear that Alma Sibley is working on a New Album, drives me abslolutely crazy in a very pleasant way. As you know, I adore her Country music and would like to ask if i may pre-order and buy this upcoming Album from her? She is a good songwriter, as well and I would like to promote her as much as possible on the 'DUTCH' country channels on the Radio (also to some of my colleague's Dj's and compilers.)" Just after I received this email from Doc, I received another one from his office stating there are talks of a deal with 2 record labels, once the Album is done. My new Album is called "MY SPOT CENTRE STAGE.

2013 is just around the corner and my New Years resolution will obviously be a "Record Deal". I thank God for giving me a chance, Doc Holiday for asking me and making it possible and to you, for your support.

Happy New Year To Everyone!


I was born on June 25th, 1952 in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. My nationality is Norweign. I am the oldest of four children and I lived on a farm in a small community about 17 miles from the town of Meadow Lake. My dad was a logger and fur trapper in the winter and he also hunted wildlife and put in a huge market garden during the summer. I was always there helping my dad and mom (making homemade bread at 7 years old). My mother was deaf so she couldn’t go too far without us. I was about 10 years old when my parents bought me an old pump organ from the church in our community. I taught myself how to play this old organ and that's when I started to write songs. At the age of 16 my mom bought me a guitar from the catalogue, because she could see I loved to sing. She believed that one day I would be asked to sing on the Tommy Hunter Show. I always wrote about things I experienced or knew. The song was usually about family, friends and our pets. I could always write the lyrics and play the melody. Today, forty five years later, my music still portrays my life and how I feel. Music is the love of my life.

By Alma Sibley Canada's Singer/Songwriter


NEW SONG UPDATE: WOW, history is made once again. Traditional Country Music will steal another spot on the charts. "Your Wedding Band" will be my new single. This is a spectacular song. The song is done, finishing touches left and it will be released, mid December. Tomorrow, I will finish my duet song, "I Will Love You Forever" with Doc Holiday. Imagine that, first time for a duet for me and for Doc. God gave me the strength to sing these songs of pure passion and love. Thank you to all for giving me your time and the wonderful comments take me one step closer to my dream......


Doc Holiday, Legendary Multi-Award winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer has offered to sing a duet with me. IT'S THE FIRST DUET IN HIS CAREER. Written in 2007, the song "I Will Love You Forever" is a true story and was written for my wedding day. I'm excited to sing this song with Doc. We are back in Nashville on November 26/27 to make it real.

'My Place In Nashville Tennessee' Video Released

The Alma Sibley; 'MY PLACE IN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE" UTUBE VIDEO has been released. My Traditional Sound is taking centre stage and it's bring back the good old Country Music. I wrote the song with hopes I would go to Nashville, TN, one day. My inspiration and desire came from great artists such such as Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline. I am proud to honour the Outstanding Country Music Artists that sang the good old songs that make country music what it really is, 'Heart and Soul'. The Original Country Music is coming back. Follow me on this journey and visit my video to see what I feel. Doc Holiday and his "A Team" has truly made this dream as true as it could be. I will stand on "MY SPOT, CENTRE STAGE" one day.

Traditional Country Songs To Be Released Live on Sept. 28, 2012

'My Place In Nashville Tennessee' and 'Someday Baby', produced at Quad Studions by Doc Holiday is soon to be released to the World. It will be released live on UTUBE soon. Singer/Songwriter, Alma Sibley will sing the Traditional Songs she wrote, with the intentions of bringing back the original sound of Country Music. Follow her on Facebook and Reverbnation.com/almasibley.

NEW RELEASE: "My Place In Nashville Tennessee"

Singer/Songwriter, Alma Sibley to release her album, "My Place In Nashville Tennessee" to Country Radio in Canada and USA. To view, go to reverbnation.com/almasibley.