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Thank Goodness For Milk Crates!

Combination of heavy rains and melting snow caused a flood at our studio but, thankfully, all gear was spared due to being raised on milk crates. Temporary stall in recording process while recording equipment was moved but will soon continue. With equipment moved and studio being dried out, our last practice went very well. We will continue with the process next week. Still in the process of recruiting a drummer to perform with us after the album is finished for gigs this spring/summer. Stay tuned!

Album - Drums, Take 2

After Matt and Mark have meticulously gone over sound recording and all notes on the upcoming album, the drums have been re-recorded and the drums on this album promise to be the best sounding of all of Infinition's recordings to date. The next few weeks will be devoted to the guitars and a brand new, never before heard song which will be included in the album Resurrection will soon be recorded and posted to ReverbNation before the album is completed. Stay tuned!

New album

Finally! All of the drum tracks for the new 10-song album are now recorded. The first song will be ready as an unmastered track to post on ReverbNation in a couple of weeks. Matt has also written lyrics for a new song that was previously an instrumental and will be on the album which is relevant to world events of today. ReverbNation fans will be the first to hear these brand new tracks - stay tuned!

Studio recording

Infinition will soon be going into the studio to record a full album and is devoting the next couple of months to completing this new project. It will be exciting, with both new mixes of older tunes as well as brand new ones never heard before. Fans will be able to hear unmastered recordings of the songs from the upcoming album here on ReverbNation.

New songs

Luke has laid the tracks down for 2 new songs and Matt has just written the lyrics for one of them based on a near death experience which occurred on 12/19/10. Fans will get exclusive listen privileges to this track when it is uploaded.

Band practice

Band practice went great tonight. Luke has learned the tracks to all of the old songs and we're working on new ones now. Looking forward to playing out again in 2011.