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APRIL 2012 Interview


Changes are a GREAT THING!

hey sports fans. We at GTDHD have made suggnificant changes latley! and we thought you should know! As of yesterday, vocalist/guitarist Branden Blacker has stepped down from guitarist duties and has taken new ventures now... THE DRUMS! thats right! get excited, because there will be no more electronic malfunctions on stage, no more glitchy drums when the program has a latency problem. Nope! Now its just brutal sticks to skins baby! and even though we all contribute vocals to the mix, nothing is changing. Branden is still handling lead vocals from behind the kit. Thats right a regular hardcore Phil Collins lol. But this isnt the only change.. Chris is moving from bass to guitar, which will make for one awesome sonic assault between Joe and Chris. which leaves us with one problem now.... WE NOW NEED A BASS PLAYER! So hit us and rock out with us, because there are great things on the horizon and we cant wait to rock your faces live.