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New instrumental track

We got together in Toronto to further work on our upcoming album “Distant Echoes and Close Encounters”. The progress is amazing. We have only 2 more songs to track vocals for and we started mixing what’s already tracked. As a result of these sessions we completed this new instrumental half eponymous piece “Close Encounters”. It gives the first glimpse into the overall sound and feel of the album minus the vocals. The sound is more post rock than ever but never lacking our signature grooves. More analog synths, cleaner production, and a little throwback to the old (pre “deviations”) material. And it’s a free download! Hope you enjoy!

New Video!

We have just released a video for our song “Choices (ft. Joel Goguen)”, the first single from the new album Deviations that is to be released on September 24th. The video plays on the concept of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and its main message is that it’s one’s choice to make an effort (which some can and some can’t manage) to change things for the better. Watch, like and share!!!


New Music, New Album

A little bit of an update of what's going on in Aurganic camp. The new album "Deviations" is to be released on September 24th. The first single "Choices" featuring Joel Goguen is now available for streaming. the works on the video for "Choices" have been initiated. Please check back for more exciting updates!

Official video for Pleasure Addict (ft. Jessica Stuart)

The concept of showing close-ups (macro) of instruments was convceived exactly a year ago. An exciting collaboration between Aurganic and KarmaComa Studio. A lot of time, blood, sweat and cough medicine was put to bring this video together. Special thanks to Steve Song for lending his drum kit/moves and David Jakobs, the french horn man. We wanted you to see the music that we do!! Now you can!

Life As a Canvas album review


Free album download

"Life As a Canvas" is a free digital download on Bandcamp until we release the physical CD. It's gonna happen soon so get it free while you can!


Aurganic YouTube Channel

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! As of this moment, you can find our full EP. Soon to be 1st out of 2 releases, freshly re-uploaded in HD. Share please: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA83F5E9C286E9D44

Short Video preview

Here's a very quick look on how our next release was created, as we are working non-stop to make it come to light as fast as possible.