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Let's get Daniel Amos off of their butts and back into the studio in 2012! How would you like to partner with Daniel Amos to get them back into the studio to make a new album in 2012? Now is your chance! As we all know, due to a variety of issues, Daniel Amos has not recorded a new album since 2001's "Mr Buechner's Dream." Well, it's way overdue for the band to make a new album and you can be a part of it! After many months of planning, we are launching a Kickstarter Campaign to raise enough money to to pay for studio time and the band's travel expenses to make a BRAND NEW album! An entire album of brand new music from Daniel Amos and it can only happen with your help! If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, this is an all or nothing effort folks. Here’s how it works. You pledge a certain amount of money to help DA. Your card is not charged unless the project is fully funded. So, if we get to September 6th and we don't have our goal - nothing happens. You keep your money and DA doesn't make an album. If we hit September 6th and we do reach our goal, your credit card is charged by Amazon and DA begins the process of making a new album. We then keep you updated on the progress and begin filling whatever "rewards" you should receive based on your pledge. If at any time you decide you'd like to pledge more, you are able to do that and your "rewards" will be updated to whatever level you pledge. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/946153346/new-music-from-daniel-amos This campaign begins NOW and will end on Thursday Sep 6, 7:14pm EDT We're asking for your help not only with pledges, but to get the word out. There are enough DA fans out there that this should be easy, but if we fall short, it will most likely be because a lot of people didn't hear about this effort. Help us spread the word. Whether its on Facebook, or in email, on message boards or anywhere else - get the word out. Lets make this happen! ------------------------------------------ Official Website: www.DanielAmos.com Official Webstore: www.DanielAmos.com/store/