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Element37 Reunites After Breaking Up Over A Year Ago!

After an entire year rolls by since the demise of Element37 in winter of 2014, vocalist/guitarist Dan "TheGlassman" and lead guitarist, GR Swardson rekindled their friendship over a live jam session in early Jan 2016, leading them to booked a gig as Element37 at a local brewery. As soon as word got out, Element37 was asked to perform several future gigs already. There's already discussion of a possible tour in the near future! We'll see what 2016 has in store for Element37 and their fans!

Element37 excited Pepper coming to El Rey Theater!

We're excited Pepper is coming to Albuquerque New Mexico once again and playing the Historic El Rey Theater! We were hoping to open for them but they have their own openers touring with them. So we happily were booked for the pre party right next door! 6-8pm with Pepper to follow promptly at El Rey! 11/11 6-8pm @ Stereo Bar!

Lead Singer, Dan "TheGlassman" Solo Album Released!

Dan "TheGlassman" recently recorded his first solo album! It is now available to the first 37 fans that request one through here!!!

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After giveaway, CD's will be available for $5

CD - Live Raw & Unplugged

Element37's first CD "Live Raw & Unplugged" is available for only $10! Get your copy today! element37band@yahoo.com

Party This Saturday

We're gonna be partying all night at Low Spirits this Saturday! Special guests are coming out to Belly Dance! Drink Specials should be popping all night! Contact for more info!

Music For The Soul

All music is for the soul! Listen to your own beat!