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Fathers & Sons release new cd!

We released our 2nd cd, "Drown Your Wicked Ways" today. It can be purchased @ http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZPAJY0

Fathers and Sons song, "Hey Sparkky

Fathers and Sons are happy to see "Sparkky" (the subject of our tune, "Hey Sparkky") on WRAL TV's "Tarheel Traveler" segment. WRAL uses the song to punctuate the video narrative. Of course, it's in the FCR set list. Hope to see some of you there.


Fathers and Sons are jazzed two times over!

Fathers & Sons own, David recently joined the Fayetteville rock/metal/reggae band, OakCrest, and helped them win a battle of the bands in Wilmington, NC this past Saturday. And glory be, Dustin (Derek's cousin) just so happens to be the drummer in that band. What d'ya know...


Fathers and Sons are jazzed!

Fathers & Sons own, Derek will be gigging on TV this Friday morning. If you can, tune into Greensboro NBC affiliate WFMY at 6 AM, Friday October 15th (hope you're an early bird). Derek's been busy putting together songs for his upcoming cd. For a taste of those tunes, check him out at the link below.