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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this update from us :) A little bit of info on what we’ve been up to and what our plans are going into 2015.. Since we released Till Death Do Us Party in August, we put out a new music video and have been spending hours upon hours doing meticulous planning, as well as rehearsing and promoting the new record. We are stoked on the feedback we’ve received so far and happy people like what we have put so much time into. Thank you. With that being said, we are very excited for what’s next for us! We have a tour planned for January of 2015, and another in Feb/March (which we’ll be announcing soon) We just got back from playing a Halloween show in Salt Lake City last week and we fully expect to be on the road as much as we possibly can in 2015. Thank you for your continued support and if you’re in Denver, come see us at Marquis Theater this Thursday, November 6th! http://caramelcarmela.bigcartel.com/product/caramel-carmela-at-marquis-theater

The Comeback & New Record

Hey everyone!

We know we've been in hiding for a little while but we've been writing a new record and working on a lot of new exciting ideas to bring to the stage and your ears. The good news is, we are ready to come back. We will be playing the Denver Post Underground Music Festival (we will announce the date soon) and we are nearly finished writing our new record. It's sounds awesome too, and that's when we realized that we really need to go to a good studio and hire an excellent engineer to make sure that this record sounds as good as possible. To be able to do so we need your help. Please read more here and help yourself to a free download :)


Cheers! Jack & Caramel Carmela

Caramel Carmela Update!!!

What's up, guys?! We haven't posted an official "Update" in a while, so we thought we should keep you guys posted on what is going on with us...

We have been writing new music after acquiring a new guitarist and we're excited to be playing/writing with Kyle Browning of Denver band; Drop Dead, Gorgeous. He does an awesome job and is an awesome fit for the personalities in the band.

We don't have a record label and we're doing everything on our own pretty much, so we haven't put out any original material in a while. We decided to do an EP, so everyone can hear what we've been working on. The name we came up with for the EP is, "Skinny Jean, Fat Bass" and it should be out by either late Spring or early Summer. Be on the look out for really a collection of really cool songs. It's different, but is still everything that makes you like CC. We're really excited about it!

We recently started working with Monolith Management and have an awesome manager who is working on some awesome things for us. We will be touring a lot shortly, so if you haven't seen us live yet, hang tight! We're coming! We will be playing a few shows before then and getting everything ready for release until then out here in CO. If you live in Colorado, please come out and support us! We have merch for sale for everyone else at the link below and that will help get things out quicker ;)... http://caramelcarmela.bigcartel.com

Here is a demo of one of the songs we have been working on that will be on the "Skinny Jeans, Fat Bass" EP. Hope you enjoy it! http://youtu.be/Z23NP20UeWw

Much love 3 Sha & Caramel Carmela

Caramel Carmela is working!

Mornin'! We just wanted to keep you all up to date with what is going on with CC.

We are currently writing new music and couldn't be happier with the way things are going! We're in the lab working very hard to get new material out and as cliche as it sounds, hopefully you like it as much as we do! The songs are more intense in every way. Extreme, dance songs and heavy, junk punch songs :) We'll be writing for the next month or so and will be in the studio shortly after to record our sophomore album!

In the meantime, we will be releasing a few videos to keep you on your toes and possibly a cover song? The music video for Dear, Em.I.L.Y. will be out shortly and we'll keep you updated on the release date!

If any shows come up, we will be poting them on all of our sites and you'll be the first to know.

Please continue to support Caramel Carmela on our journey and thanks for sticking with us! This is just the beginning.

You can buy our album Ominous Walrus on iTunes and Amazo, as well as our remix EP Optimus Walrus. Also, we have merch available here on ReverbNation and our Big Cartel site.(the link is below)

Love all of you :) Caramel Carmela


Juanita Diaz
Juanita Diaz  (about 6 years ago)

Can't Wait!! The video teaser looks great don't ya know?,Dear Em,I.L.y. .

Ryan Bratton Leaves Caramel Carmela

Dear All,

We want to inform you that Ryan will be leaving the band at the end of July to pursue a solo career. We greatly appreciate Ryan's contribution to the success of the band. We fully respect and support him in his decision. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and look forward to hearing everything he has to offer musically. Please get tickets to see us perform together one last time on July 29th 2011 at summit Music Hall in Denver, CO. It will be a truly touching event.

Caramel Carmela


Hello all! We just released our debut album Nov. 23rd, 2010 titled 'Ominous Walrus' that was recorded with James Egbert of Basemint Sound. He produces Blood On The Dance Floor, Kill Paradise, In Audika, Aim2Miss, The Morning After and others. We also recorded all of our live instruments with Danny Cooper of Drop Dead, Gorgeous and everything sounds really professional. (If anyone is looking for really good recordings at an affordable price, we would suggest talking to those guys. www.myspace.com/basemintsound or hit us up for their info.) You can get our album on iTunes now for only $6.99!! Click on the link below! http://itunes.apple.com/us../artist/caramel-carmela/id..399029925 We have been playing some awesome shows with some sweet bands and we're currently working on getting to the next level in our careers. We're really excited for what the future holds for Caramel Carmela. Caramel Carmela's current line-up is: Jack Roberts - Vocals, Ryan Bratton - Guitar/Screams, Sha Gipson - Bass, Joe Meggison - Guitar, and Lance Esparza - Drums. We all have been working well together and are going to continue to write awesome songs that you will hopefully like as much as we do. Myspace has been good to us but as everyone knows, it's been dying for a while so if you have a Facebook or Twitter then be sure to follow us and become a fan!www.facebook.com/caramelcarmela or www.twitter.com/caramel_carmela. Personal twitter pages... www.twitter.com/jackiscaramel - Jack www.twitter.com/ryantheanimal - Ryan www.twitter.com/skip303 - Sha www.twitter.com/joemegatron - Joe www.twitter.com/lanceypantz - Lance We love all of you and are looking forward to meeting everyone at our shows! See you soon!

New Cd-Ominous Walrus

Hi everyone!

We have been working real hard on get everything ready for the big release! The CD will come out in early November, as long as we decide to stay independent, and will feature 10 songs. We are extremely excited to share it with you and it's gonna be amazing!

Caramel Carmela