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Quit Yet not yet a great band that able to amaze and fascinate a lot of people,we just a bunch of ordinary people, we also are self-taught musicality with all the limitations but we have a fighting spirit becoming just the way ourselves through our music! Quit Yet taken from english words "not quit yet" which means "haven't stop" but we like to make it simple 'n unique, becomes 'Quit Yet' which means never give up! we played simple to get honest with our limitation . WE HAVE NOT GOT SKILLS YET BUT WE DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!


PROCKABILLY is the name for the genre "pop rock possibility" unearthed from the bottom of the roots music world known as POP and ROCK. Which if traced the cultural history of music more profound; that we all know: Egypt and the Roman / Greek culture (for mapping the history of dance / rhythm of the world) through the acculturation process for centuries, now it has evolved into a cultural underpinnings of American music and European / culture of classical music. So basically this genre just trying to be "Being a Pop and Rock", with the rhythm / beats the basis of cultural dance / rhythm Egyptian / American and wrapped neatly with the discipline of music culture EUROPE / Roman / Greek / classical music, that's us: Quit Yet the band with GENRE PROCKABILLY .