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Back to the Studio!

We are working up some new numbers to record at Bronze Beagle Studios this summer for our next release. More info to come!

The 48 Hour Film Houston Music Video Project!

The band is gearing up for the video shoot this weekend. Check it out @


Saturday June 30 @The Continental Club

We are excited to be playing our first club gig at The Continental Club in Houston! Cover will be $5, 21 and up show. We will be debuting some brand new material as well.

Playing our very first show!

Saturday June 23, 2012 KD and the BLC is debuting at a private party here in Houston. Bruce, Carl, Brad and Kathy are all gearing up for the show and looking forward to winning some new fans!

Going to the Studio!!!

We are making plans to record 6 songs at Carl's Tin Shack! Can't wait to get started! I think the 6 we picked are fairly dynamic and will make for an interesting demo.

How I got my name...

My real name is Kathleen Roseann (yes, Roseann :/) Davis, daughter of William Stanley Davis IV whose father (W.S. Davis III, of Welsh decent) played pro baseball in San Francisco till WWI broke out (yes-World War ONE...my g'daddy was born in 1892 and had my dad, his only son at age 49!) At the age of 10 I made people call me "Kathy" because in the South no one can pronounce "Kathleen" with just two syllables...it becomes "Kath-A-Leen" which got really old really fast. Anyway, during my first incarnation of The Inklings (with Matt Hinton on Guitar and either Scott "Ducky" Melnick or Abe Burgess on bass), I had surgery. I had to have a- yes and yuck - a catheter! Therefore, Matt Hinton thought it would be hilarious (much to my chagrin) that my name be listed as “Kathy Derr” on our very first demo. It received airplay on WRAS Album 88.5 and the local music DJ would pronounce my name “Kathy Dare”. It thought it sounded cool ( ya know like in the tradition of punk stage names like Sid Vicious, D.J. Bonebrake, Jon Doe etc…) So I stuck with it. And that’s all she wrote…