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OK Check This Out - Lyrics

OK Check This Out (2009) - Hye Phive prod. By DJ Hot Wings


I’m breaking out I’m just like busting you’re crushed when Meteors slam to the ground and concussion Be what’s predicted then inflicted not offered Run but it’s random so really why bother First it’s much worse kid then we first figured Best case scenario it’s just going to get bigger First things first and what we really must deliver The casualties are only casually considered Good without a doubt cause I’m working on my songs dude It’s working out I thought about working on my attitude I thought I’d check myself and maybe try to show some gratitude I thought about my altitude it’s too high and what that’ll do Is just have them laughing when you’re crashing to the ground Bust open your head and leave dust flying round Walk about don’t talk about don’t want to start some trouble Because everybody’s only going to want to burst your bubble

I’m a use my energy to use my mind and try to be My inner eye sight not blinded by the irony We’re all particles I’ll set then straight if can make If I could be asleep and then awake then I would take That I would demonstrate not detonate and blow up And climb the ladder with the swagger when it’s time to go up It’s always time to grow up so I’m just saying no what No matter what you do you got to come through U ought to keep walking with the Soundshapers crew The odyssey it ought to be something that you do Get in where u fit in until it’s fitting like a shoe And being positive is just everything u do So what you going to do with the gifts god offers I thought I’d lift my hands and walk across the waters Sit alone on the mountains until the words flow like fountains And everything about it is just nothing that is doubted