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Sat Dec 3

Since the update didn't want to play I'll let y'all know here that the "Fill Dose" has had to cancel this Sat at the Yosemite Bug since Frank and I are still sick and unable to sing and play well. This is a wonderful job and we're sorry to miss it. Stay Well, Deb

Doug Hay
Doug Hay  (over 1 year ago)

Bummer. We are in Tahoe waiting for Saturday. Get well soon.


Working on the website and all...will be up as soon as the details are satisfied...

Hoping for rain

The clouds are coming in and I'm hoping for rain and upper elevation snow as I work on the 2015 calendar...we had a good evening at Audie's Olympic in Fresno last Friday and are looking forward to Brrewbakers tomorrow...check the upcoming shows and come by and say hello and thank you for supporting live music!

Just another day

between shaved tires, missed jobs, no veggie burgers and sweet potato fries, I must admit this day absolutely sucks! Have a great holiday....gripe, grumble, growl, etc.,ect.