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The Local Hip Hop Scene

I wanted to comment on the local hip hop scene because right now we are gaining momentum and its a good thing to see.. In the past, I've seen and heard ALOT of local acts that simply made me SMH.. And right now, it's at that turning point to where we ALL can be very proud of the music we are releasing representing our state/city, etc. I used to see alot of rappers that tried WAY too hard to be the rappers from LA or NYC.. going on killing sprees in thier music, tried to act like they got mansions, etc.. The quality in OUR music is at an all-time high in my opinion and lets keep it coming!! It's good and refreshing to see the diversity of hip hop music we have coming from 801 right now. Alot of people staying themselves and not straying to what others WANT them too.. So in conclusion, im loving the collabos im seeing everbody doing, the support we are ALL showing eachother, the people out here in OUR city are starting to listen and get on behind us ALL, supporting the music. Lets stick together and blow up as ONE. Put the egos to the side and let's make this happen!! Much Love SLC! -Short