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26 mo daze!

At this moment in history..... Manamana has crossed the mighty Mississippi River (again) on our journey back east. Our 2013 independent, national Party On Wheels Tour has been a crazy roller-coaster ride full of eccentric excellence!

We are currently in the great state of Louisiana enjoying a few days off before resuming the rock in Ocean Springs, MS this Thursday, 10-17-2013. I figured this would be a great time to cover some of the fun facts of the tour...

We officially moved out of our "Manamana Manor / Palace / Frat House / Bachelor Pad / Grand Central" on Friday, January 11th, 2013. We've officially been "homeless" for 277 days & counting. Yes. We'll've been Road Dogs for 303 days by the time we play our Ultimo Maximo Finale at the Ghetto Fortress on Saturday, 11-9-2013! You could say we're certainly chasing our dreams!

We've driven nearly 30,000 miles, The I-10 (4th longest Interstate in the USA) is 2460.34 miles long--we've driven all but 342 miles of it... some of it 3 or 4 times. That's a lot of Klicks!

We are on our 2nd tour vehicle.... Our P.O.S. van lasted about 1 month & caused us more pain (&$$$) then it was worth. We've been touring in my Chevy Extended Cab S-10 (the Mayor, Goldy Wilson) since late February. 3 large men confined to close quarters! Oh the joy & stories we can (& eventually will) tell...

We haven't gone into financial debt (yet, lol). We've lived quite a meager life this year on our Rock'n'Roll journey. Can we make it this last stretch to succeed in that respect? Stay tuned....

That is but a tiny bit of what has transpired to bring us to the present... Now, we dig deep & press on for 26 more days to finish this journey strong! Big thanks to so many who've made it possible & those who we've yet to meet that'll be a part of it, too! We appreciate all the support & encouragement from ALL of our friends.

Sincerely, Mr. Saturday Knight!

Roundin' 2nd.....?

Maniacs! We have wrapped up a fantastic weekend of shows in sunny Arizona! On Thursday the 12th, we were at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale... sharing the stage with the awesome Marionettes, Generation Lost, & Audio Martyr! On Friday the 13th *que evil laugh* We were at Crabby Don's in Gilbert... Sharing the stage w/ Sons of Medusa & The Articles! Then on Saturday the 14th, We reached our most western destination in Yuma (sorry Cali.... maybe next year, lol) We shared the stage w/ Loaner & Letdowner! Thanks to Tom & the gang for having us... & for helping us round 2nd, & begin the 2,000+ mile journey of touring back towards Home. It's been 8 months of living out of a Pick Up Truck... & we're doing it for another 2 before it's all said and done! ....& we'll be at The Stray Cat in Tempe, AZ this Friday, the 20th for a heavy hitting, metal type of throw down!! Cheers!! \m/ \m/ \m/

Don't Mess W/ Texas!!

We've been having a blast in the 2nd largest state! From Port Artur to Houston to Dallas to Corpus Christi to San Antonio & now Austin. We feel very at home (& hot... SO HOT!!) here! Twas just a quick hello,,, more news sonn, Maniacs! \m/ \m/ \m/

It's yours! Thanks for enjoying Manamana's Girls!!

We had our newest song, Girls Girls Girls, available for free download as a thank you for all of your continued support! We're glad that so many of you maniacs took advantage of it and downloaded your free copy of the song. Now you can enjoy it any time that you want on all of your portable devises.

We still have it up for everyone else to stream directly at www.reverbnation.com/manamana so you can get your fix any time you can get online.

We'd also like to thank everyone involved in making it possible for us in Manamana to have the permissions and rights to record Motley Crue's song Girls, Girls, Girls and put our twist on the song! You all know who you are and that you are greatly appreciated for letting us release a special song for our fans.


Ah yes, Rip Torn. If you don't like Rip, you're a (with my best Rip Torn impression) YANCY! :-)

Anyway, we must thank the Dodge family for their incredible hospitality! They let us stay at their humble abode for 3 nights and gave us the opportunity to get a few showers in. So now we are so fresh and so clean, clean. They even fed us plenty of delicious food including Vanessa's fantastic homemade broccoli salad. MMMM MMMM GOOD!!

Great friends and very awesome people! Thank you all and hopefully we'll be able to make it down again to hang out before the end of the year!

Where In The World Is Manamana?

The answer to that question is that Manamana is EVERYWHERE!! And it's all thanks to all of you maniacs for your continued support!!!

So you've gone to our official website at www.manamana.org and it's directing you to our ReverbNation page at www.reverbnation.com/manamana. Why, you ask? Well, do to an overwhelming amount of traffic, posts, and messages going to all of our social sites every single day combined with the very limited time that we have to get online while on our Party On Wheels national tour, we don't have enough time right now to operate our website as well and we definitely want to be able to keep up with everyone of you maniacs that contacts us.

You can still use the website URL any time that you want to get updates, listen to music, watch videos, and talk to the band directly. It will link you to our RN page which has links to our other sites.

For all venues and booking agents, our booking requirements, stage specs, and EPK links are still available.

Thanks again for helping to keep this Party On Wheels going throughout 2013! We'll see you on the road.


This has been an amazing year so far. All of us in Manamana would just like to thank each and every one of you maniacs for your continued support throughout 2011. We've made so many great friends around the Carolinas. As always, you are the reason that we do what we do and keep driving this locomotive forward.

We're taking a little time off from playing shows so that we can do some recording for our full length album. Don't worry though. We'll be heading back to the stage after the holidays, ready to unleash the fury and energy that is Manamana again.

Happy holidays from all of us.



We had a busy & an awesome time throughout March having played at The Milestone & Tremont in Charlotte, Karma in Greenville, & Toyo in Rock Hill. Thanks to all you maniacs that came out to rock with us. We'll be concentrating on finishing recording our cd in April along with writing some new songs. So far, the new tunes are sounding phenomenal with killer harmonies, tight grooves, & phat riffs that will get your fists in the air quicker thn the cast of Jersey Shore. We'll be back in action starting on Friday, May 13th at Toyo in Rock Hill. We look forward to seeing all you maniacs at the Money in Rock Hill this Saturday when you get your dose of MANAMANA. FEEL THE MUSIC \m/


After a very long wait & too many delays, this Friday, we're finally going to the studio to start recording our 1st full length EP. We're all psyched up about getting it done. Check in regularly for recording & other updates on our band page at www.facebook.com/manamanarox & our fan page at www.facebook.com/manamana42. As always, thank you all, new & old, for coming out & supporting us since we came together in late July. Without all of you, we would not be. FEEL THE MUSIC MANAMANA


Since we've got some time before our next show at The Other Woman Sports Bar on Nov 13th, we've been jamming a lot & have been writing like crazy. In the next month or two, we are looking to have about twice as many songs in the pocket as we do now. All of the new tunes so far are very individual & vary in their sound, feel, & complexion from heavy/melodic to dirty/bluey, but will have the same full throttle impact that all of you maniacs tell us that you love to hear & watch. Go to & ad us on facebook www.facebook.com/manamana42 to see more videos from our shows. Also check out & ad us on myspace at www.myspace.com/manamana42 & leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite song, what you've been up to, or just to say hi. We like to stay connected with our people. We would also like you to know that each & every one of you are the reason we get on the stage together & play. We bleed every ounce of ourselves into our music & live shows to give you all an experience that will leave you as breathless as we are when it's over. We feed off of your enthusiasm & energy while we're on stage so keep it up & we, MANAMANA & MANIACS alike will take over the region n no time. Make sure you tell your friends about the movement & bring them out to experience it for themselves. THANKS FROM MANAMANA