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People will judge me for the things I say. The things I do. The friends I have. The movies I make. The songs I sing. The women I love. The things I hate. I don't wanna be flawless. Just perfect enough for you. #lovemyfans

Bluxome Gallery Show

I had a great time performing and meeting the other artist. the crowd was really cool and it's always good when people come to see you! Thank you San Francisco!


I haven't made any new music lately. I've been on the set of a couple of movies taking things to the next level. Thank you all for the love and support and I pray that you continue to support me! New music coming soon.

Coming Soon!

Also available I have two books of poetry on Amazon.com. My first book: "The Consummation" & my second: "Decadence" are on sale for 20.00, however if you search the net you find a great deal! I am now also working on my third book which is still untitled. It will be ready for the stores this summer! I am working on a Hurricane Katrina Relief Project with long time friend and author Mr. Creighton Hobbs as well. This year is full of promise and surprises! Be on the look out and thank you for all your continued support. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! :)

What up!

Nothing is given to you if you don't work hard for it! I see a lot of ya'll on your grind and that motivates and inpsires me! Keep up the good work. I am almost complete with the album and I'm ready to to show the world what I'm about! This year is almost over. 2011 is gonna be a year to remember. stay blessed and Happy Holidays!

Your Woman

Don't treat her wrong. Love your woman better. Don't put your words in a song. Don't put your heart in a letter. Show her that you love her. Tell her and be that man she needs. Show her that you think of her. Don't hide behind anger while she bleeds She will leave you. When a woman's fed up...you know the rest...there aint nothin you can do about it. Celebrate that woman. Cherish that woman. Be One with that woman. Hold that woman. Kiss that woman. Make love to that woman. Show her that she is your woman. Make her feel that she is the only woman that you need. So what if you've been hurt before. She is not that other woman. She is your woman. And she makes you strong. Put anger and pride aside and love her strong. Make her proud to bear your seed. Make her reperesent you as her rock of foundation without resentment. Committ to her as you would committ to yourself. Share your world with her. Your past, present and future. Build together and remain together eternally. Let the love inside of you flourish. Let it shine so bright that whole world will tell stories about you. Your sons will grow up and become a man like you. Your daughters will grow and choose a man like you. Your community will immulate what a real man does when he loves his woman. He is strong. He is compassionate. He is you... If you learn to love your woman all in all. Through and through. For all her mistakes and imperfections. Love her, for she is YOUR woman.

jazminrain  (over 6 years ago)

omg! you are a REAL man! <3


I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! Be safe and be responsible! And you can't be responsible then have someone around you that is responsible...in essence...that makes you responsible! Party hard this weekend! Work hard this upcoming week! Love your friends for who they are and not what you want them to be. Love yourself and be exactly what you want to be, the choice is yours.

The Top

You can't be on top without fear of being on the bottom. What I mean by that is success only comes with determination and persistance! But how you stay on top is by one of my favorite words:Consistance! A lot of us on Reverb is gonna make it. When it's your time to shine, you better shine into the eyes of everyone because when it's over, you'll want to be remmebered for what you did, not what you didn't do.

Thank You!

I would like to thank all my fans, friends and family for supporting me! This has been a fun journey and I'm so excited to see where it all leads! I will be posting tour dates soon!